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Young journalist reporting from the EU Parliament
Start date: 01 Aug 2012,

Six young European journalists will take part in a 3-days workshop hosted by European Parliament in October 2012. The project will offer to the participants the opportunity to come together, to listen to experts, to share best-practice models, to observe the political life in the European Parliament.It will offer 3 full days of debates, discussions, interventions by European politicians and leaders of the political parties, hands-on media workshops and comparison with professional journalists, politicians and experts, on European issues and above all on the European and world crisis.For young European journalists it is important to exchange ideas and good practices, especially during a crisis, by comparing experiences with their peers from other countries. The objectives of the project will be:- To explore European issues and challenges;- To share ideas and best practices in young journalism in Europe;- To increase the level of participation of young journalists and of young people in general in their society;- To increase the knowledge of the young journalists on the functioning of the European Union issues and policies so they can further report about European topics.The young journalists will take part in interactive panel discussions that will spark their interest about controversial issues. They will be the main actors in the hands-on media production workshops: the production of newspapers, video and audio formats, photo series and online journalism. Evening get-togethers generating interaction among the participants outside the workshops and panels will ensure the creation of micro-networks.At the end of the 3 day workshop they will become more aware of the issues facing journalism in Europe and in their own countries. They will have gained technical skills from working together and they will have more information about European Union by giving them an insight into reporting on European topics and issues.
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