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Young International Theatre against Crisis 2
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

YITAC 2 is aiming at the future The main and overarching themes of our project was the financial crisis, its impact on youth and their theatrical implementation in finding solutions surviving this crisis. In the current economic and social context in Europe, young people are particularly affected. Our theatre project YITAC (Young International Theatre Against the Crisis) was developed in an educational and social perspective, for, by and with 28 non-professional young people from the area of the performing arts from Greece, France and Germany. Unemployed, young workers, students, drama students with different social and cultural backgrounds of the age group 18 to 30 questioned together the effects of the crisis on their lives and tried to come up with concrete proposals for possible future realities, for example in relation to the integration of young people or about the role of art and creativity in the integration. The first phase of the Y.I.T.A.C work had been completed in France and Germany in August-September 2013. We had analyzed the origins of the financial crisis, compared its impact in the three participating countries and questioned the situation of the young people who had been on the way to preparing their working life. This theatrical work had been presented in public in both countries. Our second phase Y.I.T.A.C 2 is aiming at the future took us to Greece in September 2015 and focused resolutely to the future in its creative work and its thematic approach. How do young people view their future? What are their dreams and what solutions do they advocate? What new economic models and social behavior have been generated by the crisis? In this context, a working process in Greece was particularly relevant, on the one hand as this country is affected by the crisis to its full extent and has to build new ways of facing reality and future. Secondly because the crisis in Europe has triggered a questioning of its institutions, priorities and its legitimacy in general and strong prejudice and xenophobia have awakened. Our project took place from February to September 2015. It was based on formal, informal and non-formal learning as well as on the active participation of young people at every stage and in every sector of the project, from conception to the final evaluation including production, administration, coordination, communication and artistic creation. During the preparatory phase the participants were involved in the implementation of the project, did researches on the chosen topic and prepared a video in each country on the theme of "Aiming at the future". Then, from the information gathered, they built and developed a theatrical form in workshops that moved towards a collective meeting with their European partners in Athens. This meeting organized in the form of exchanges included informal and public debates with stakeholders and intercultural, multilingual theatre workshops, on the basis of the theater work carried out by each group in the preparatory phase. These workshops led to a collective creation presented before a live audience. Each step of this collective work had an undeniable impact on future projects of the young people, many methods they would be able to reinvest in their socio-professional life. We helped to clarify the challenges of youth identities in European societies today and encouraged the development and blossoming of individuals through a context which required them to position themselves in the community. In these times of crisis, the simple fact of meeting, discussing and sharing ideas involves the possibility of broadening the spectrum of our own views, to give participants the opportunity to take possession of a common narration and thus constitute a community at all stages of the project.
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