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Young Eyes
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Young Eyes is a project about youth participation and engagement for their home communities. The focus is on place attractiveness and branding/promotion of the home towns/villages. The YE project aims at stimulating youths to take more active part in the local governance and development of their home towns and communities. The project will deliver a range of proposals for improvement of place attractiveness for 4 case areas, in Latvia, Sweden and Poland. In addition the project will deliver a range of place branding and promotion actions. Most of these will be delivered by the use of Internet and social media. By the introduction of novel ideas and through creative transnational workshops there will be developed a number of ideas for change and development. These ideas and proposals will come from the local youths themselves or from their peers from the other 3 places. The youths will elaborate their proposals for improvements of attractiveness and deliver their promotion actions. For reaching a certain level of qulity of the proposals and deliveries there will be recruited professional trainers and coaches to work with the youths. The professional guidance and training are important parts of the project results. The participating youths will come from youth councils, school classes and NGO's. They will form local project groups that works contionously during 24 months. Youths can be added to the local project groups during the process. However, a minimum of 10 committed youths will be needed at each place in order to make a difference. The youths will be given a unique opportunity to learn from experts and work with peers from other countries and to make a difference by impacting their home towns and communities. The YE project will organize 4 transnational workshops for youths, 4 coordinator meetings for the leaders, 2 mixed events and one multiplier event for a wider audience. The YE project will deliver intellectual outputs such as methodology guidelines, provide an interactive web facility and a shared learning report with assesment of the activities, results and impact. Stakeholders and politicians will also be involved. They will receive the project deliveries and will also give feedback to the youths. The dialogue between local decision makers, experts and youths will be important for the common learning and the impact of the project. The YE project will disseminate the project results to a wider European audience, at conferences and through media. First of all through the Innovation Circle Network which is operating in more than 10 European countries. But also through all partners web channels and international network.
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