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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Empathy versus apathy. Synergy versus lethargy. The project intends to develop teenagers' active European citizenship and social inclusion by discovering differences and similarities in problems young people face and need to solve today. The project will promote the involvement of teachers and 15-20 aged students as a whole team from 5 different European educational settings. It was prompted by the need to combat low motivation and apathy at school. This is a large project with various partners but the coordinator believes that this will facilitate the broadest range of perspectives, experiences and examples of good practices from different cultural backgrounds. The project will be accomplished through activities of searching, studying, comparing, analyzing and creating with the strong involvement of students and teachers. The development of the project will be based on a permanent communication between partners via Internet or face to face in six different international meetings. Considering that the topic of the project is of great interest for partners and a European priority, we believe that it must be disseminated widely from the level of the partners’ institutions to the wide educational community by using various instruments such as mass media, project website and direct meetings. This project will identify effective practice using different evaluation methods for analyzing strengths and weaknesses in order to obtain a good practice partnership. The involved partner members will have precise tasks in accomplishing a user-friendly end products such as an e-journal, a website and multimedia short products made available electronically for the target and for the stakeholders in different European countries as a real added value for education.
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