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Young European Entrepreneurs on Go
Start date: 06 Aug 2012,

Young European Entrepreneurs on Go is a six-day training which will take place in Bela Crkva, Serbia from 12-19 November 2012. The training will be organised by Izvor mladosti which is also a hosting organisation of the project. The participants are 32 youth workers, youth leaders actively working in youth organisations from Serbia, Latvia, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia,Greece and Moldova.The training course will deal with youth entrepreneurship and volunteerism as a tool for fighting rising youth unemployment, fostering social inclusion and cohesion. Non-formal education (workshops, simulations, discussions, debates etc) will be used to encourage participants to create a think-tank of ideas how to boost youth entrepreneurial spirit and convert them into projects. The objectives are: to look at the reality how different European and SEE countries fight with youth unemployment, gain skills and tools how to use voluntary experience as a cut-edge advantage at the labour market, raise awareness of the potentials of youth entrepreneurship as a tool for self-employment and contributor to social inclusion and cohesion, share real life experiences and good practices with international colleagues, bring a clear view on the possibilities in Youth in Action programme in volunteering and youth employment, establish new partnerships and cooperation for the improvement of quality in international youth work, develop project ideas into concrete plans. It is expected to assist individuals to develop their skills by experiencing activities in a safe and friendly atmosphere in workshop so that they can apply skills gained in their organisations and act as multipliers in the broad community. Also a presentation by a young entrepreneur will be held followed by questions. Since the training will take place in a community where different nations live together, it will be used to gain intercultural and interpersonal skills by coming in direct contact with the locals.
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