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Young European Consumers communicate about Culture and Climate

The objective of the project is to let our pupils communicate with each other and in this way get to know other young Europeans, and to let them study and discuss important items in order to increase their tolerence and understanding and their awareness of their own identity and situation as european citizens.The activities of the project will be a presentation of the pupils made by themselves, studies and discussions about lifestyle, about climate and energy problems, and about the EU and the future of Europe.The main communication among the pupils will be electronical. They will exchange e-mails, chat on MSN, and place and discuss the results of their work on websites or conferences, but the project meetings where many of them will meet each other as representatives of their classes, discuss the items and take part in the planning of the project are also very important.Each year we will produce a common magazine with articles and photos about the project, and at the end of each year we intend to produce a CD-Rom containing the results and the evaluation which will also be used in the dissemination of the project.The themes chosen for the project will take their starting point in young people's situation and will all be part of the curriculum of the classes which together with the pupils' co-operation in the planning will ensure their active participation.
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