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Young European Apprentices' Special Training # 2
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Brewers and Malters are trained at vocational school Staatliche Berufsschule Main-Spessart. We, as VHD e.V. , would like to improve our student's chances to work abroad. Our project YEAST provides for three different groups of participants the opportunity to serve an internship in two different states in Europe for various periods of time. 16 people will stay for two weeks abroad doing an apprenticeship. People who finished their apprenticeship can stay for an eight weeks' internship (8 participants). A work-placement for one week is offered to people training our students (8 participants). Therefore all people involved in vocational training are able to work in modern breweries to get expert experience, which cannot be achieved inside Germany. Participants will learn a lot about the cultural diversity and different legal regulations in Europe. As the German purity-law is not applied in our partner countries and the Euro is not the official currency, the students will learn to balance pros and cons of German rules and institutions. During their stay attendees will do jobs which are daily routine in a brewery. A guideline will help to organize the work to be done. The findings will be reported. The teachers of our brewing department will find adequate candidates among the applicants. The partners grant insight into craft brewing as well as into highly engineered facilities. So, we present for each interested person a suitable offer. Additional to brewing beer not according to the purity-law, participants will get acquainted with region, language and culture of the host countries. This is an enrichment for the personal development resulting in long term experiences for their work in Germany. Finally the work-placements are very helpful to be successful when applying for a job abroad. As we would like to exchange experiences with our brewing colleagues not only abroad, we are going to welcoming 8 people of our partnerbreweries to come to Germany. They should talk to / teach students of Berufsschule Main-Spessart as well as we would like to offer them tours to Frankonian breweries to get familiar with the impact of the Purity Law.We'd like to point out: 100% of this project is done solely by us: we have been working out the idea and are going to organize implementation. Between us and our partners there is no „bureau of education“ collecting EU funds. All the funds are put into the project itself and not into the pockets of professional agencies, which bother us almost daily with their advertisement and offers of ready-made internships. At any time we control finance and implementation as we usually do by „face to face contact“. We do know what our participants/partners are able to bring into the project and we know as well which requirements they want to be met. That's why we are able to spend the given funds to reach a high level of additional values. Success and acceptance of our former projects verify this high amount of additional work which has to be covered from our Leonardo team and is - in lack of any real other one - the only stimulation to go on. This is true for people acting in favor of Berufsschule Main-Spessart, which is the same group now acting in favor of Berufsschule and the VHD e.V..
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