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Young Entrepreneurship through Solidarity and Social Economy in a Non- formal Training with Intercultural Approaches Learning
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT has been recognized as a PRIORITY and THE MOST URGENT YOUTH PROBLEM all around the world. EUROSTAT sadly announced that Youth Unemployment Rate in Greece, increased to 51.90 percent in January 2016 from 48.90 percent in December of 2015. These disappointed results are also against the EU commission strategy and priorities for 2014 -2020, planning to decrease European Youth unemployment rate. In the last years in Europe a new actor is dynamically introduced at the stage of solidarity and social entrepreneurship: the social enterprises. These organisations fight against social exclusion and unemployment. Through them people who do not have the necessary qualifications and work experience gain the opportunity to return to work or to find work as crisis in many European countries has limited the permanent, full time and formal work. Under these circumstances, the social economy appeared to be the best option as an additional source of employment, since it generates jobs and entrepreneurship by meeting social needs and very often by deploying the socially excluded people. Nevertheless, the two last years also in Greece appeared and imposed energetically their activities gaining visibility by the refugees advent.The main aim of YOY ESSENTIAL project is to find an additional innovative source of employment by solving social and environmental problems in the countries part of the project and to encourage and support the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs. The learning objectives for the target group of this project, the youth workers and young leaders are:- To become inspired social entrepreneur or change-maker; - To understand better the term "social entrepreneurship" and to raise knowledge and gain new experiences about it in order to transfer the results to young people;- To start the process of creating social venture through gaining skills and knowledge for writing projects ideas and business plan involving young people;- To gain skills and knowledge that will help to the participants to get access to labor market; - To discover or understand better the social and environmental problems in their countries and to get to know the situation in other countries;- To be inspired and motivated to bring changes at home and start to work for improvement. - To offer the opportunity of meeting possible partner groups among EU and open an entrepreneurial informative space for European founds and Erasmus+ opportunities.For the conception of our project we took in consideration the Priorities of EU as well as our National Priorities oriented to young entrepreneurship and educational methods of non formal education.In fact the YOY ESSENTIAL project will offer the space and the opportunity for 35 people from 8 EU programme countries such as Greece, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, UK and Romania to learn in an innovative learning environment where the youth is actively engaged in their learning process and the understanding is based on a connection between emotions, motivations and cognition. In this space they will reflect, share, experiment, discuss by using tools of non formal and informal education in the youth field (Forum Theater, living library, role play, etc). All these partners and their participants will bring best practices from their countries in order to learn and reflect and transfer into the reality the most interesting.At the end of the project it is expected to have concrete ideas for social ventures, to create an on-line platform (blog) for mapping the social entrepreneurship opportunities in the countries part of this project and to continue the cooperation and networking between the participants. In future we plan to gather again through another project and to know how the development of the ideas goes and what the young people need – directly support the early stage development of these social entrepreneurs by providing a range of supports that include financial investment, technical training, peer networking, mentoring or links to other social entrepreneur networks.
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