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Young Ambassadors for Youth's Right to Information
Start date: May 1, 2012,

The 'Young Ambassadors for Youth's Right to Information' training course will be organized for young people coming from 13 different European countries (Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom) and will take place in Malta. This project is part of a European campaign that will be launched in April 2012 regarding Youth's Right to Information, implemented by ERYICA in partnership with the Council of Europe. Youth's right to information is fundamental in rising civic engagement among young people, strengthening their European mobility and awareness, and also increasing youth accessibility to opportunities for personal and professional development.There are three main objectives of the training course:1. Raise the awareness of young ambassadors on the importance of youth's right to information, both as an essential right and a prerequisite for young people’s access to their rights.2. Increase the competencies and abilities of young people to spread the message among young people, decision-makers and media regarding the theme of the campaign.3. Strengthen the cooperation between young people coming from different parts of Europe by enhancing open attitudes towards different cultural experiences.During a the training seminar, young people coming from different countries will come together to jointly reflect on the reality of young people and the situation of youth information in their local realities. They will receive both individual and group tasks, will share information and best-practices on the topic, and they will develop ideas of civic involvement through means of non-formal and informal learning. The final goal for them is to take the acquired knowledge, abilities and skills back to their home countries in order to become young ambassadors for youth's right to information. Special activities will be organized for cultural awareness, solidarity and networking, and video testimonials will be the main output of the training course.
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