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" You(th) @ work "
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main concern of many young people in Europe nowadays is how to find a decent job. Studies prove that the higher the degree, the bigger the chance to find that job. Studies also prove that in many schools in Europe there are early school leavers. The cause of this situation is different in each country. The consequences and the tackle of the economic crises are also different throughout Europe. This project does research into these causes and broadens the professional knowledge of the local and European labour market. Leading and innovating companies and industries that play an important part in the economic reality in each region work together with schools, students and teachers to offer qualitative mixed traineeships with both a local and a guest student and teacher. Students and teachers visit different companies and share their experiences of jobhunting and working. This motivates students to get a degree, increases the need for language skills and demands good application strategy to find a job. We work together with esl preventing organisations and learn how motivation of young peopele can be enhanced. We learn from the job supplying organisations how unemployment is handled. Therefore a (digital) manual with all the possible problems, pittfalls, solutions, tips and tricks can be of great use. The first year, we analyse the reasons of early drop outs, investigate the social-economic situation in the region, compare the results and suggest possible solution to the problem. The second year, the students continue the shared traineeships and visits to companies . They participate in a video-competition presenting companies and job possibilities in their region or how to make an original applicant video. Others create "art for business" The third year they create a virtual or a non-virtual business. The goal is a tangible proof of the improved knowledge and skills on the subject throughout Europe. The means are working together with each partner, various companies, labour related organisatons and esl preventing organisations. The way is to do experience dual traineeships, visits to companies, workshops and being creative with media. We hope that our common goal is clear and that our enthusiasm is rewarded with the chance to show how young Europe tackles the challenges on its road! A list of the already consented cooperating companies and organisations : Sweden : SHE (solar energy) , Sala Silver Mine, 'Young Enterprise', 'Yrkeskampassen' (job centre) / Hungaria : NGO 'Youth Work', Synod of the Reformed Church (drop outs), EFYSO (internat.experiences) / Macedonia : 'OSCE field office', S. E. European University (job providing), UNIV Kumanovo (drop outs) / Germany : 'Komm Mit' ( drop outs ), Salvea & Mercure (education & training companies ), Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BIZ (job-info) / Belgium : VDAB, POM ( regional development through coorperation ), Vlajo (encouraging young people to start their own business), Blink (prevents drop outs) / France : GRETA (dropouts), Friatl& Piercam; Italy : Rosiglioni Impianti ( job trainees ), LUNIASM, on-job-trainings in hospitals / Spain : Olibaezacompany, Guardia Civil, ESPA (dropouts).
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