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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The projects which are implemented within Erasmus+ Youth Programs have had a great role to create common culture language European Union’s used. This projects have contributed to European Culture, at the same time give a chance to young people to improve themselves. Additionally it facilitated to youth workers and trainers. Thousands of young people have found a chance to carry out their project ideas by taking grants. This Projects also have a special meaning for Turkish Youth. Thousands of young people who have difficulties arising from socio-economic facts and obligatory visa problems have found a chance to go to Europe, studying one semester there and attend non-governmental institutions’ activities. Thoose young people have got to know EU and EU institutions, by this way they contributed syntheses of European culture.In this Project 4 youth between 18-30 age haven’t been involved in international youth Project before , in terms of socio-economic disadvantage live in Turkey will be at volunteer service at Portugal, ProAtlântico – Associação Juveni institution with different tasks at 6 different centersBetween 01.10.2016-28.09.2017 dates.Volunteers will perform institution main organisation support to ofice as well as activities student and teacher program of support school, social, cultural and art activities with African and Roma immigrants at youth center, spare time activities with youth and childen to diffrent ages at foster home, social-cultural activities, handicrafts and another social activities at foster home , anew artistic and cultural activities together people with disabilities at Occupational Activity Center. Volunteers be supportive to present study whole the activity process , the volunteers will include this activity in the direction of personally experience and the volunteers won’t wrok instead of a worker or any other type of wageworker.The project was started after the valuation of experience of the project partner. The suitable candidates between 18-30 age have been selected in according to objective criteria. By selecting 2 womens and 2 mens as 4 volunteers a balanced gender distribution was achieved. The project's aim is to provide disadvantaged youth people, who haven’t been involved in an international youth project before, an opportunity to be a part of social life with social, cultural and art activities, to be involved in social production, to know European Institutions, to be an active citizenship and create an European consciousness in order to specify the basic value democracy, human rights and range. In this project non-formal education techniques, interactive sessions and social-cultural learning activities should be used to give youth people, whose resources are limited, an opportunity to be a part of social life. The participants will be improving their foreign language skills and learn a new language by taking a Portuguese language support. It is expected that this project effects positively on the disadvantaged youth people for being included to Youth Projects, manipulating them to the international youth projects of NGO’s who work in the youth area and strengthening of the europeanness belonging of the persons and institutions involved in activities.
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