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You Can You Do
Start date: Mar 20, 2015, End date: Sep 20, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project goal: To promote young people with wheelchairs, involvement in physical activities. The project will cover all new games to develop intellectually, creative expression. Young people will be able to develop not only the intellectual and creative thinking, but the use of non-formal education methods, for example, to learn specific games "Pentaka" and "Bocis". Digital literacy through video footage, filmed on a daily basis. Our group of young people who are working on this project creation, wants to prove and motivate young people, including young people with a wheelchair, get out of the house, and prove that they are capable of more than one can imagine. In this way they are integrated into society, prove to yourself and others that such activities help to change the point of view of the outside world. In order to achieve all the planned 12 activities during the period from 20.06.2015.-01.07.2015.Šajā project will be 32 young people with and without disabilities 4 supported by this way, we help young people integrate into society, to develop intellectually, to develop the spirit of sports, improving their health trough sports activities. All activities will be filmed. Young people decided that the activities could be arranged as follows: 1st. day - arriving and instruction 2nd. day – “Petanka” 3. Street ball 4. Boccio 5. Sitting volleyball 6. Table tennis and Novuss 7. Badminton 8. Floorball 9. Table games 10. Photo Orientation 11. Evaluation of the project End of project The project activities have been chosen, because these young people through sports events, through non-formal education methods will be able to integrate, develop intellectually, to develop the spirit of sport, improving their health sports activities and these activities will have to demonstrate to young people that the active participation of each of these activities will show the things that had never before been given to them.
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