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Yetişkin Öğretiminde de Birleşiyoruz
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays in our life,all of the negative and positive behaviors are related with education.So, all of us know well that we should educate the mothers and fathers as much as their children,otherwise we can’t get the results on the education which we would like.And also, to solve the personal problems,on the efforts of imroving themselves and on continueing the creativity and productivity, shortly we have to tell about necessity of ‘educating adults and people’ to get happy.We believe that it is possible.We never say it is impossible... So in our country and in the world, giving importance for educating of adults is increasing day to day.On this subject,our ‘teachers of educating people’ duty is to educate the coursers by increasing of learning desires or to provide of considering this important during the life.And then,for the first step they should encourage participating of people who are their nearest environment. Because of these reasons,we want to be comprehended to our teachers differences of educating adults and we want to teach them by the way of observing,too. At The European Union Strategy,the aim is ’to be benefited from adult education of % 15 of adults.This number was at about % 9 in 2012.Only 5 countries of 32 countries reached to % 15.As consortium in Turkey and in our region ‘The Central Anatolian Region’,we also try to be reached to % 15s in 7 years which is at about % 3s now.The importance of adult education which is given in Europe has increased much more thanks to Erasmus+. In our Project Erasmus+ has taken as a goal the priorities of adult education,too.These are; • Being increased of reaching to all educations and to make real the learning during the life and activity • Increasing of The Education Quality,the productivety of Adult Learning System • For the personal development,the being encouraged and done of social adaptation,active citizenship and culturel learning by the way of equality and social participating. • Recognizing the learning environment/atmosphere,improving the newness and the creativity of adults. It is thought that 24 teachers will take place who will benefit from activity at the end of the 2 activities.The participants will be the active teachers who work at The Centre of Education People.Our teachers will improve different point of view to adults education by the way of the day’s work educating or observing in host countries.Then they will catch the opportunity of learning and comparison process techniques for adult education.The members of consortium live in the rural regions and also this Project ‘on the subject;The European Conscious,socializing and developing the regions’ will be an important step at the end of the activity which will become widespread.It is known that developing starts from the ground.If we give productive and effective education/instruction to the adults of rural regions,we will rise to reaching speed of the region-the country-the Europe and The world information society. After these steps, the behaviors which will be hoped from the teachers at the end of the Project ; • They are open for changing and new experiences • They see equal themselves with the people who learn and they respect all of the people • They respect the plans of the coursers and they don’t interfere these • They teach the coursers over the coursers’ old informations and experienceses • They make easy the learning by using different education techniques and processes • They provide discovering of connections between things which was learnt by adults,they manage well the time of transfering to different branches and the permanence of learning with practice. The possible benefits of the Project for a long period of time ; • Increasing of the quality by learning to make a institute where is given adult education at The European Union standarts until 2020 • Gaining or improving cocscious of The European Union citizenship • Strengthening of foreign language adequacy • Increasing of noticing about different cultures and countries • Improving capacities of foundings/establishments and internationals states • Providing to be known of adequacies which was gained during the instructions terms in abroad • Knowing that changing and comprehending start from adults by noticing the importance of adult education • Feeling of the differences on children whose parents are educated by the teachers who are good at educating adults • Making strong of adaptation and rivalry for the knowledge society • Knowing that there can be % 1 development which is seen little by people because of comprehending at the end of education,but it will be equal about % 35 development 30 years later. • Reaching to developing number with generation who is grown conscious on Local-Regional-National-Europe-International level • At the result of The Adult Education Quality on learning during the life ; it should encoura

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