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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SELECTION OF TRAINERS In Europe, adult education staff are selected through exams. For this purpose, primarily basic competencies and key skills, which take the trainers of adult education as basis, are used as data. Which basic competencies shall be taken as basis for evaluation of the trainers vary from one country to another. In turkey, however, several trainers are on the list of the ministry, and they are not subject to any competence criteria after appointment; and several others (master trainers) are appointed as contracted trainers by the adult education institutions. Everyone having master trainer certificate are appointed as trainers for these programs. They are not subject to any assessment with regard to basic competences and key skills. Within the scope of the project, the participants will work on the issues on how trainers are selected in Europe and reflect such issues to their applications for appointment of master trainers. IDENTIFICATION OF THE LEARNERS The participant organizations provide trainers in all branches, which at least 12 learners apply for. Any learners having any level of competence without any higher diploma are subject to the same training. In Europe, however, learners are taken to competence identification exams in all branches; their learning including the prior ones are recognized and they are exempted from such prior learnings. Within the scope of the project, the participants will analyze and observe how such procedures are conducted in Europe; and will direct the learners to the organizations accredited by Central Executive Committee, help the learners certificate their gained competences and will use such certificates for equivalence. GUIDANCE No guidance is made on the learners, who apply to the participant organizations. In many European countries, however, the participants are guided according to their fields of interest, demands and skills and according to the strategic fields especially in vocational education. The project participants will have the opportunity to adapt a kind of guidance to their own applications through the competences to be gained in Europe. PROJECT OBJECTIVES The project aims to train managers, trainers and master trainers, who are familiar with advanced applications at European level and who can reflect good practices to their own applications, for recognition of informal learning in adult education, adaptation of informal learning to formal learning, reproduction of formal learning and increasing the quality of informal learning. the project participants will be selected among the successful, self-confident and presentable staff members of their organizations, who are open for innovations, farsighted, adaptable to different environments, prone to surveying and powerful in communication skills. Each participant shall be determined by the teachers board according to the innovations they have developed in the professional field in their organizations, their skills in assuming roles and responsibilities in social and cultural events and the above listed competences. The administrator participants will have at least 5 years of administrative and 10 years of professional experience; teacher participants will have at least 15 years of professional experience and master trainers will have at least 10 years of professional experience. 2 administrators, 5 teachers and 9 master trainers from the coordinator organization; and 2 administrators, 4 teachers and 7 master trainers from other public education centers; and 2 administrators, 9 teachers and 2 master trainers will participate in the project.(Total 100 Participants) At the end of the project, o The knowledge and awareness levels of the participants on the concepts such as Life Long Learning, European Qualifications Framework and Adult Trainers Qualifications Framework will be improved. o The participants will have the opportunity to learn the advanced and up-to-date implementations in Europe in the field of adult training and to compare them with the implementations in Turkey and will improve their skills to choose and use the best examples. o The participants will improve their skills to revaluate, interpret, test and revise adult education applications based on the reference competences based on learning outputs, basic competences and key skills. o Contribution will be made to improve education and teaching methods, assessment and evaluation systems, teaching materials, training modules and curriculum of the partner institutions and organizations through adaptation of the project outputs of the sending partners and the good examples of Europe to the current implementations of the partner institutions and organizations. o Contribution will be made to dissemination of the good examples throughout Turkey and to establish unity of implementation in adult education by the help of the international cooperation to be established between our institutions and the European org

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