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YEStem kompetentny - zagraniczna mobilność szkolnej kadry edukacyjnej w ramach projektu Erasmus Plus
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Erasmus plus program has got a great importance for the school; the teacher training course abroad has never involved the teaching Staff so widely, which is an important factor in increasing the competitiveness of the school.We are the catholic school, that fact raises a lot of prejudices in our local area and causes mistrust of many students who face the necessity of choosing the school for further education. Therefore, as an educational institution we are obliged to outstrip the competition of other schools to encourage potential students to choose our school.To prepare correctly to this issue our head teachers together with all teaching Staff determined the school needs and the project objectives. They are connected with: - the development of inservice training for the teachers by building their foreign language competence- opening the school for the European market- increasing our students’ awareness of the linguistic and cultural diversity of the contemporary world- gaining new skills and abilities and developing those already gained in the area of using modern technologies, online skillsDon Bosko School teaching staff sees tremendous opportunity in becoming part of a project within the current Erasmus Programme. Selected project team members have considerable experience in undertaking various activities, which translates directly into better and more efficient work with teenagers and facilitates better organization of the teaching process itself. Therefore, the Erasmus Programme will clearly bring substantial benefits to our teachers.The Programme participants will share their methodological knowledge with the rest of the teachers during various conferences, meetings, training courses, teacher evaluation inspections, peer observation, etc. Their shared experience will provide other teachers at school with valuable guidance, which in turn will result in increased effectiveness of teaching process at our school. All our school teachers will analyse their methodological approaches and define their strengths and weaknesses in that aspect. This will allow them to tailor the teaching methods they have learnt to the needs of different classes or individuals. Methodological experience gained during the programme will be used at lessons, special interest group meetings, trips, international student exchanges and individual work with gifted or very poor students. Evaluation will follow at next stage to perfect our teaching. Our headmaster, represented by the teachers involved in the project, is open to new teaching initiatives and ideas.Thanks to the participation of particular teachers in methodological and language training courses in countries of the European Union, our school will gain better qualified teaching staff which will have an impact on students, co-workers and an educational offer of our school.  Thanks to mobilities, it will be possible to implement new, educational ideas. The ideas which will work properly, will be counted in educational and development plans of the school for the coming years. There are plans to extend basic classes (proprietary curricula and pedagogical innovations) and extra classes (for students with special needs, Spanish classes). Thanks to the application of innovative techniques and teaching methods, pupils will acquire new abilities and will develop linguistic competence in a different and more active way.13 teachers want to take part in the project named " YEStem (I am ) competent – a foreign mobility of the school teaching staff  within the project called Erasmus Plus" including 2 English teachers, 3 German teachers (two of them will learn Spanish), 2 history/social studies teachers, a Polish teacher, science teachers (mathematics, physics, information technology teachers)-5 teachers altogether. The selected teachers are people representing different educational fields, and it will let them relay knowledge to students during different school classes.Participation in the Erasmus plus project involves universality of gained skills – one does not get them for oneself, but to share knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes with others. The staff of Salezjanski Zespol Szkol Publicznych “Don Bosko”, which is a catholic institution, aim at promoting project actions outside school as well. Propagation actions will be aimed at external target groups – teachers and students of Swietochlowice, teachers of other Salesian schools of Poland, lecturers of foreign languages school “English Best”, international university students coming to our school within the framework of the international voluntary programme run by the AIESEC students organisation.“Don Bosko” staff hope the project will help strengthen the European dimension of the school and create the institution promoting European values. We would like to set patterns in this area for other schools in town and region and implementation of the above-mentioned project will help reach planned good changes.
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