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Start date: Jun 10, 2015, End date: Aug 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

YEScowork is an innovative project of virtual co-working for Young Social Entrepreneurs at european level, provides a Platform with new digital tools for its outstanding to fostering the development of collaborative projects. With applications and Services of YEScowork, is enhanced and perpetuates the collaboration between social entrepreneurs (SE) , and the possibility to create new projects within the same virtual space is encouraged.YEScowork1. Make easier the collaboration and exchange of best practices among SE at European level.2. Breaking the Barriers space / time: Freedom to teamwork at transnational level.3. Offer a virtual coworking system:• Multidirectional,• Dynamic,• In interactive experience,• Collaboration,• Diversity,• Creative Expression.How it works:Using a set of business & learning tools at virtual level, helping to speed up the work and achieve professional goals of the SE, by services below:a- PUBLIC SERVICES:1)Directory of Experts: publication of studies made by experts, news, reports, calendar of events, new laws and youth policies. All information that collaborators can offer the benefit of transferring knowledge and best practices for the work of SE.2) Promotion SE users: Space for registered users to promote and raise awareness their social work through: publication of its activities, news who want to share, publish interviews and reports of "Prominent SE”b- PRIVATE SERVICES:1) Virtual meetings and work: Have more productive meetings, integrated management tasks, shared documents, create working groups, communication via chat / email and time tracking. Allowing maximum efficiency in communications and daily work.2) Social Space: Each user can follow the latest news of social entrepreneurship, participate in debates and discussions, create Help Boards between ES, creating a personal profile, publish their activities, share information of general interest and related events ES, space review proposals for new services and users.c- INTERNAL SERVICE: 1) Internal Management Platform: resolving doubts, overseeing the operation of the system, analysis of relationships, work and groups generated and collaboration of experts.Provides to SE:- Support in the initial stage and consolidation in the market, with the assistance of experts and between SE.- Opening in the national and international market.- Support in the dissemination of organizations, expand the professional network of the EU.- Have a virtual interaction, to collaborate with other related organizations and thus add efforts and to forge partnerships.- Stay updated with information about ES: events, activities, new legislation offers, updates....- What can strengthen working relationships established in face meetings in Europe once finished.Addressed:1) Social Entrepreneurs: With entrepreneurial spirit who spend hours and effort into their projects with motivation, desire to improve and assume the risk involved. They are starting or trying to strengthen their own social enterprises.Also, are already established social enterprises who want to expand its international network with other SE. Being traditional NGOs, social organizations, non-profit or social enterprises for profit. The falling age of SE are mostly between 25 and 44 years.2) Government: Collaboration and support of the public administration is paramount, to join efforts to create new synergies and generate greater impact. Especially the support of the departments of Youth and Employment, at local, regional, or national level.3) Universities: In order to create a bridge between education and work, are considered target universities who develop in their study plan areas of social entrepreneurship. Thus they can transmit to their students new approaches SE internationally and give them more options in their future work4) Are also addressed: Private companies, physical Cowork offices, virtual platforms, Organisers of events and seminars: who work on social entrepreneurship and want to share information, news and use the services YEScowork how complement their services, contact SE, to publish their studies, also for the spread of social impacts generated.

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