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YES - Youth Equality Support
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project aims to react against the negative perception of asylum seekers, setting positive attitudes as a response to radical opinion formation and xenophobia. We strive to focus on tolerance and acceptance and positively influence participants in this direction. The idea of the project originates from the youth in the proximity of our association, youth who participated in international youth exchange programs. They have experienced numerous discriminatory instances first hand, seen them the news and were deeply moved by the need to raise awareness in this field. The project will be carried out by youth representatives who we have had work relationships with in the past. They will send other youth representatives to the exchange programs who are open to the theme of the project. Alongside our association there will be 9 programmecountries (8 nr. of EU countries, 1 nr. of non-EU programme countries). All of these countries are currently dealing with the migrant crisis and the participants are all involved with the question of migration, so they bring valuable expertise to the project. Each country participates in the youth exchange with 4 representatives above 18 and 1 leading representative. The total number of participant are 45. Schedule of events: - introductions, team bonding, Youthpass- youth sensitization toward the topic- each country presents their media coverage of the issue- interviews of walkers in Veszprem - setting common mindset on the issue- collaboration on a campaign program that draws attention on the issue- presentation of creations (photos, collages) from the campaign in the Hangvilla Multifunctional Community space- Flashmob on Kossuth st, Veszprem’s main walking street- assessments, surveys and closing The foreseeable outcome of the project is that participants’ tolerance and acceptance on the migrant issue will further broaden. After returning to their home countries, the participants will replicate their experiences in their own communities and by this they further affect others. The campaign materials will spread widely in the city of Veszprem and in our partners’ countries. Short and long-term effects of the project:Due to the well-organized schedule of events during the project, participants will have a less discriminative mindset, they will strive to break down the stereotypical thinking in their communities, and they will focus on restraining themselves from negative comments and thoughts regarding the migrants. They will refrain from formulating radical or segregatory opinions on the issue and they will work on developing a holistic world view. They will work together with others to find and solve problems together. They will become more tolerant and accepting due to their participation in the program.
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