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YES Radio - Young Europeans Speak up
Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Dec 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the “YES Radio” youth exchange comes from the positive previous experience in involving youngsters by expressing on the web radio of the University of Cagliari their expectations, their desire for growing up as active members of society, especially through international mobility offered by EU programs for youth. As we wanted to profit from the chance to strengthen some new interesting partnerships with a youth exchange, we have planned to involve a group of age 14-17, for their familiarity with digital technologies, in a project that merges the aim to foster youth participation and active citizenship with the challenge of realizing something technically complex that might give them a greater satisfaction and positive motivation: a real radio show to air through a web radio. Thanks to the technical support of the volunteers from Unica Radio, we can promote in participants the development of social and civic competencies, digital ones and also cultural expression ones (notably creativity). The 24 youngsters involved (6 per group from Italy Ireland Estonia and Romania), share similar social and economic backgrounds for which it is crucial to reinforce the motivation to feel as active citizens capable to influence their own life, rather than simply accepting in a passive way what their destiny has planned for them. Generally speaking, besides the different rural or urban contexts, they all share the same main obstacle to a more active role in society: the little access to information and the acritical acceptance of the little they get. Thanks to an agenda built around workshops on the overall argument of access to information sources and their further elaboration and on the technical aspects linked to the production of radio shows compatible with the requirements of a web radio, we’ll guide and coach the young participants to the final result. A mix of methods and activities based on the common red threads of active participation and of the central role of the young participants, will lead them through an intercultural learning process whose main resources will be the youngsters themselves, in a cooperative peer to peer approach. A key role will be played by creativity and by the motivation to getting to know the other participants and their cultures in a project where learning will happen mostly through the non-formal and informal channels, by the means of thematic workshops and technical/practical ones through the planning and realization of interviews to locals and to other exchange fellows, games, excursions and lots and lots of time to share with the other participants… The final result will be a real radio show, the “episode zero” of a format invented by participants and that, during a final public evening with the local population of the town of Mandas (the village of inner Sardinia that will host the exchange during it’s 9 days in June 2015), with the technical support of expert volunteers, will be “aired” really by a web radio, giving all the participants something to be proud of and a final product easily sharable for an overall promotion of Erasmus+. If the impact on our participants we believe will be very strong in terms of their motivation to become informed and active citizens, the effortless sharing of the final content, so deeply rooted on the Internet and with no costs for its fast dissemination through the same social media used by the youngsters for their socialization, will make it possible to aim at an impact that, at least at the level of their respective local communities will go much beyond the limit of the 24 participants involved in the exchange.
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