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YES for Health!
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context/background: Health is the most important value of every individualist and as a result the whole society. Currently, European countries are faced with a huge problem which is increasing level of obesity, lack of physical activity, disease and premature death caused by smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol among people under 25 years. The situation is even worse in small towns and rural areas, from Partner countries: Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In the absence of health and sport centers in villages, young people struggle with the lack of opportunities and social exclusion. Due to huge growth potential in rural areas, young people must take their own initiative and a sense of entrepreneurship. Through informal methods of learning, youth will develop competences, creativity and learn from their own experience in their local communities, in order to improve the situation relating to health and sport. Through implemented activities, young people will understand the importance of a healthy diet, being free from all addictions and see the benefits of physical activity in different forms. Objectives: • Raising awareness among 38 young people aged 18-30 from 5 different countries about importance of choosing right lifestyle habits with special focus on diet, nutrition and physical activity. During 9 days youth will be participate in various activities which will make them understand benefits of taking care of their health. • Encouraging 38 young people to practice different forms of physical activities in their places of residence, taking their own initiative and promoting ideas in their communities by sport activities and activities engaging local youth. • Increasing knowledge of 38 young people aged 18-30 from 5 different countries of benefits of reducing harmful factors like -smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption. Through activities that will be implemented, participants will understand importance of being free of any addictions. • Improving the level of key competences and skills for 38 young people from 5 different countries, particularly digital and learn-to-learn through discussions, workshops and making movies. • Increasing social activity for 38 people from 5 countries, tolerance, sense of respect about EU policies directly related to European health programs in order to foster social cohesion. During 9 days activities that participants will take part in, will involve local community, authorities in order to increase European citizenship awareness and identity among youth. Profile of participants: 1. The project involves 38 people from Romania, Lithuania, Polish, Bulgaria and Turkey at the age of 18-30. 2. 20 participants coming from urban areas, with social, economic, financial problems and difficulties. 3. Participants are faced with the huge problem of social exclusion, problems with self-development, learn performance, few opportunities. Activity and Methodology: Methods and informal learning activities geared towards the natural development of youth, the acquisition of competences, knowledge, skills, attitudes and have an impact on the participants, partner organizations, the local community and the impact on the national and international level to improve the healthy habits and increase physical activity. Methods of integration - Name Games, Interactive presentations, Secret Friend, Team-building games Methods of discovery - activities discovering potential of Slanic Moldova, trip in the mountains, a trip to Bacau, activity "Village Rally" Methods of creative and enterprising - creative workshops, making movies, debates, theater play Exerting impact - Flash Mob, visit to local authorities Results and impact: - 38 young people from 5 different countries will acquire competences in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship and creativity that will be helpful to personal development - 100 young people from Slanic Moldova will engage in informal learning methods with participants during outdoor activities - The project will be promoted in local communities of each the partner countries, 3 schools in Romania located in rural areas and 4 schools in the countries of partner organizations - Group leaders and participants will take action and own initiatives in the field of health and sport promotion in their local communities - The partner organizations will increased their experience regarding to healthy lifestyle promotion
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