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YEP! Youth Empowerment Priorities
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Jan 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"YEP! Youth Empowerment Priorities " has been coordinated by the Italian association ICSE &Co. With a total of 14 organisations from Programme and Partner Countries of Erasmus+. This project consisted of a mobility activity of youth workers to participate in a training course on Human Rights; the participants group was composed of individuals between 18 and 35 years, the gender equal participation has been guaranteed even if we had a higher presence of women. Mobility took place in Florence between 23rd to 31st August 2015. The methodology used was based on non-formal education, trainers have promoted the active and constructive participation of all participants providing them with the opportunities to learn and make direct experiences that have meet their needs and expectations in the best way possible. The project has provided games (energiser, role game), visits (Uffizi, local NGO such as Nosotras, Avis, Libera, Arcobaleno Onlus, Cooperativa Il Cenacolo and a representative of Mali refugees in Florence), discussions (debates moderate by trainers), workshops (on Erasmus+ and project managing), multicultural activities (dance, music, food, cinema, meeting with Mali refugees) in order to work on the theme of human rights, diversity, language, culture, equality and migration. YEP, in correspondence with the specific objectives set, had allow participants to learn to broaden their views and reasoning through informal learning and practical experience on a diverse and rich cultural environment. Participants have developed new and different skills through the project and are able to use it in their daily and professional life. Skills, such as: - use english in order to communicate and carry out the tasks, improve the ability to communicate in a foreign language: listen and learn words and ways to express themselves in English and if possible in the languages of countries participating in the project; - better knowledge of Human rights; - how to conduct research and analysis of their and others countries reality; - how to use video making and presentation programme; - how to act in multicultural context - how to write a project - better knowledge of erasmus+ opportunities for their associations/NGO’s Participants had the opportunity, therefore, to use their personal and professional resources during the activities proposed, the group have learned to use new tools, working in teams to optimize the research for information and data sharing, through relationships with other participants. In this way, participants have acquired new knowledge on EN Page 4 of 20 Report Form Call: 2014 KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals how to reach media with a critical approach evaluating what to learn, how to improve themselves and to work in teams, manage and resolve conflicts in a working group, taking into account the opinions of others. All this have taught youth workers involved to evaluate what they have learned, and allowed them to make contacts for future projects and collaborations for the organizations they belong. In short, through the project, they not only have acquired new personal and professional skills, but have improved the resources they already have. At the same time, project have encouraged teamwork, creativity, initiative and active participation. Main results are youth workers more tolerant, open and engaged by the society they live in order to create positive change and social improvement through non-formal education and interact with other countries youth organizations. Impact and results of the project was measured by the evaluation of the participants in a daily base during the mobility and a final evaluation (questionnaires), moreover we have asked and received feedback from all the actor involved in the project. Participants are now more aware of multiculturalism and human rights issues, ready to take action in their daily life and in their association, and they have improved their personal and professional skills. Participant organizations have now a new network to promote and realize new projects, moreover their workers are now more aware on how to use Erasmus+ opportunities and how to write and manage a project. At applicant level the impact is a better understanding and manage capabilities of erasmus+ programme and projects especially regarding the mobilities of individuals, this can enhance the quality of the future work of ICSE&Co., moreover it gaves the opportunity to strengthen their relations with local entity and create a new international networking. Locally and regionally the impact has been to show to some local entity such the University of Florence, Regional Agency for the right to study, NGOs the opportunities of erasmus+ in which they can be involved directly and indirectly, creating new forms of partnership. In order to disseminate the project we have decide to produced articles to share via local daily newspaper and social media, web sites of the organizations involved not only partner organizations but also all the network that ICSE&Co has.

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