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YEBISU empowers employees
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

YEBISU empowers employees The project "YEBISU empowers employees" aims to find instruments to improve the entrepreneurial behaviour of employees. To this end the project intents to develop a set of units of learning outcomes as well as the assessment tool to measure these outcomes for entrepreneurial behaviour on the levels 1 - 5 of the EQF. The units of learning outcomes are meant for the competences of Ambiguity, Change and Range of the EQUFAS framework, the key competences for the soft skills of entrepreneurial behaviour. Although the units are developed for the agricultural sector they are planned to be transferable to other sectors also. This is the reason why also partners from other sectors are involved. The partners from companies, VET institutes and branch organisations will develop a common approach to fostering entrepreneurship. The output will provide: Clarity of understanding those competences described in the EQUFAS framework under Ambiguity, Change and Range. Determination of the place where these descriptors belong in the educational and professional profiles. Established units of 'learning outcomes' to make entrepreneurial competences accessible for the different EQF-levels in non-formal and informal education. Established assessment methodology. A framework for the implementation phase in a network situation. Training of trainers in outcome based learning according to the taxonomy of Dee Fink. Assessment. Evaluation of the implementation phase to see if the approach did lead to the improvement of entrepreneurial behaviour. Addapted and improved units of 'learning outcomes'.. Addapted and improved assessment tools. Recommendations regarding the place of the units of 'learning outcomes' in formal education. Dissemination activities linked to the branch, other sectors and other projects. The impact will be that: The employees will engage more actively in entrepreneurial behaviour and are more aware of opportunities and their own capabilities. They will widen their possibilities on the labor market. The companies will use the units of 'learning outcomes' and the assessment tools to keep track of the development of their employees. This helps them in strategic planning and team development of their companies. The branch will demonstrate it's role as a supporter for the sector in innovation and can prove to be the ideal partner to dissiminate the outcomes to the whole sector. For the VET institutes the units of 'learning outcomes' and the taxonomy of Dee Fink are a starting point to further develop their entrepreneurship education. Teachers will have first hand experience of what entrepreneurial behaviour in companies mean and will be more aware of their own capabilities YEBISU CoP will have a better common understanding of what entrepreneurial behaviour is and how to cooperate in developing it.
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