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YE Specter of similarities
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

YE “The specter of similarities ” will take place in Struga in Macedonia. Participation in this project will take 56 young people from 8 countries. The host organization of the YE is PAN EUROPEAN Centre.These projects will deal specifically with the promotion of diversity in Europe and raise sense of tolerance and understanding other cultures. The problem of prejudices and conflicts are nowadays more and more real since there are many people that still are opposed of the idea of multiculturalism. These problems are growing more and more between the neighboring countries, especially between some specific countries. A lot are the reasons for this situation like recent wars, history and many other things which are connected to cultural differences.During this YE we will use Indoor and Outdoor activities. During indoor activities youth will share experiences and feelings about various topics relevant to them. 1) Educational workshops on the topic -mutual cultural, ethnic, religious diversity -Creating a framework for sharing common values-Tolerance -Cultural identity and respect for difference -Stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination - Majority/minority cultural group2) Video films on the topic of discrimination (linguistic, ethnic, racial, cultural,...) The outdoor activities of this group of young people will be work with the local young people.3) Activity for The Word Day of Cultural Diversity: - performance on city streets to inform educate and raise awareness among the general public in order to increase tolerance towards anything differently:encouraging creative action, motivating people in the community to accept diversity- photo exhibition "Show Differences"- game "Find the word"Shall apply an interactive approach of providing learning through experience and active exchange of knowledge between participants.
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