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YE-Leirbål og Legender del II
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Oct 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Legends and camp fires - part II" is a cultural exchange project for young people from Norway and Sweden with an interest for aspects of medieval history. The Project is second part of a cultural exchange which started with the project "Legends and camp fires - part I" in Tønsberg, Norway, in June 2015. The project consists of 33 young persons from the groups Pax (Sweden), Medeltidsveckan Youth group (Sweden) and De Munnfulle (Norway). During the Medieval Festival of Gotland 31. June - 10. August, they will come toghether for an intense period of living and working together. During this time, they will work with different ways of dissemination of both thir spesific and common historical heritage. We will make stunts and performances based on medieval theatre forms. These performances will be presented within different arenas of the festival. In addition, we will run a small medieval fair with free activities for children aged 3-10, and touch subjects such as historical games and competitions, crafts and archery - all through a "learning-by doing" - approach. An important part of the project is that all the participants as far as possible live togther in a "medieval camp" with big medieval tents, open fires etc. All meals will as far as possible be prepared over the fire, which also will be the camp's social midpoint. We will use 4-5 big medieval tents.. As the age of the participants differ, we'll maybe divide into groups by age rather than by sex when it comes to who sleeps where, but this we'll work out together. We will work both day- and nighttime. We'll have physical training in the morning, work with the fair, games and other activities early day, and performances in the afternoons/evenings. There will also be set times for the youngsters' personal reflection and non-formal communication, as well as concerts and perfomances from the festival's cultural programme. As far as possible, all work will be outdoors. During all work, there is openings for the youngsters to come with their own ideas and improvisations. There's a great ephasize on the participants being active co-creators throughout the process, for maximum learning outcomes, but also for maximum ownership and pride when it comes to what is dessiminated. Both Gotland and Tønsberg are old places with a rich Medieval history. Through this project, we want to give the participants an enhanced knowledge of their cultural and historical heritage. Beside the participants' own experiences, the project will also provide a colorful and engaging element at the Medieval Festival of Gotland, and through this also give experiences to both audience and volunteers at the festival.
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