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YE - Feedback is Coming
Start date: Sep 22, 2016, End date: May 21, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are proposing something different. It is something that is new to us, at least with regards to previous projects relating to citizen participation and being taken with an entirely participatory approach. We will give our European partners the opportunity to become involved with the participation-based project "Feedback is coming" which will be held in Medina del Campo, hometown of our Spanish partner. Medina offers a first-hand experience of a pioneering model of citizen participation that stands out in Europe. The model is called Medina 21 and has already been successfully developed in the medieval fair of Medina del Campo.Medina 21 was created ten years ago and has already been recognized not only nationally but internationally as well a realistic and feasible participation model. Most importantly, the model is being carried out in Medina del Campo in Spain, where anyone’s idea can be heard; from youngsters deciding where the next playground should be placed, to elderly who may raise their voice regarding where a retirement home should be built and what services it should offer.Feedback is coming will take place in Medina del Campo (Castile and Leon, Valladolid province). There, 50 young people aged 18-30 will have the chance to participate in the Exchange. The participants should be preferably involved with studies of social sciences or similar subjects. The Project will take place during 22-30 November 2016 and six countries will be involved: Italy, Romania, Norway, Portugal, France and Spain.Through activities such as group dynamics, lectures, presentations, games Simulation / workshops, cultural games and icebreakers, roundtables, exhibitions, Dynamics, meetings, cultural visits, cultural evenings of each country, entertainment activities and other proposals future networking on the theme of the project, participation structures and skills that improve participatory and communicative activity in people without access to participation channels.The activities which will be used include: group dynamics, lectures, presentations, games of simulation, workshops, cultural games, icebreakers, exhibitions, meetings, cultural visits, cultural evenings of each country, entertainment activities, proposals for future networking on the theme of the project, participation structures and sessions regarding skills that improve participatory and communicative activity for those without access to participation channels. We will also focus on a deeper understanding of structures for citizen participation through real examples. These examples have already been settled both in the town of Medina del Campo and Valladolid. In Medina del Campo this involves the Local Development Plan MEDINA 21, the Renaissance Faire, the re-organization of the food market, etc. Additionally, in Valladolid, where we will meet and discuss the key participatory structures that exist in Castile and Leon, the citizen participation study regards the youth centre, which gives opportunity to involve young people in various youth mobility programs, associations, etc. We aim to create six optimal participation structures of work. Everyone involved in the project will participate in this process, which will be central to the exchange. These structures will be brought back to the hometowns of the participating organizations. The development of activities that promote and pursue cultural and linguistic exchange between participants also seems to us as something necessary.Our working methods in all these activities will be based on non-formal and informal education. Education is achieved through words but actions, feelings, attitudes, skills, values and the way we convey all of these as well. To achieve continuous project dissemination, we will construct an open document during the exchange, containing a set of guidelines and measures to be applied while developing models of effective citizen participation based on their displayed practicality. This document will be reflective of the project experiment and will be forwarded to the European commission.On a local, regional and national and European level, each participating country will welcome back 8-9 young people who will be committed, innovative, participative, empathic, and social and have attained leadership skills and a European view of different situations which may arise in different parts of the continent. This impact is evidently positive, since these young people themselves will then cause a change in the way people participate, through creating participation channels and active initiatives.All published materials will be compiled and provided to all organizations working on the issue in our region, to assist their actions and future collaborations. All materials will include the logos of the participating associations of the ERASMUS + program, of the European Union as well as links to partner organizations and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.
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