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YE disability in motion through a video guidance preparations
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The most relevant topics addressed by our project are:- disability- education- video & media- youth- embracing diversity, tolerance and inclusion.First of all, this project continues to speak about disability and how someone can build a healthy social interaction and relationship with people with different abilities. But this time we want to see what are the actual needs/situation on the spot, to see on what extend can the handbook answer to those needs/situations and what could be the best approach to be more close to young people’s needs.We will move a step closer to youngsters attention and involvement - we want to hear them and meet them “at home” creating interviews and interacting directly with them. The video materials will have the meaning to see what is the reality and the mentality, to promote the handbook but also to widen the understanding of disability, to encourage interaction and inclusion, to bring disability more in attention as an aspect of reality, normal part of our life. The aim of the interviews will be mainly educational and informative, they will open the path for the handbook but in the same time will encourage interaction and tolerance, will focus on recording the situation about people with disabilities and what disability means in this community, will encourage communication and understanding.. The videos can turn out useful materials for teachers and they could be used for didactic purposes.The result of the project will be short video interviews, all the participants will contribute to the realization of those videos: together they will choose the questions and will make the script, some of the participants will take the moving pictures and some will work at realizing the movies. It will be a group effort and we already started to ask about the camera and more easy ways to create the movies. We believe that the short movies will reach quicker to young people, nowadays the technology is a normal tool that we use at home, school & university, work, free time, when traveling, etc. The movies will be uploaded on free-to-use websites like (youtube, vimeo, etc) so the information could be easily shared and transmitted, we can see people’s reaction, find out their feedback and quantify the number of persons who reached the materials. The content of the videos will be made to be suitable for young people and youngsters. Of course, we will provide subtitles to the videos/interviews in all the languages of the countries involved. Through this videos the participants will raise questions, will meet the community and will meet the city reality at it’s home. The leaflet “Guidance handbook for a better interaction with persons with disability” was designed for the young people but we noticed that it didn’t reached to them, to their curiosity, in a manner we wanted it. So we thought that we have to see better what are the needs and the situation the young people are facing, in order to adapt to them and on those specific situations. Only like this we will make the Handbook will fulfill it’s aim - to encourage tolerance and to underline the importance of inclusion. Yes. The project will involve participants with different kinds of physical disabilities. To mention, in the previews project almost half of the participants had a disability so we had to find accessible accommodation and accessible transport.Between ⅓ and half of the participants will have a disability, this is one of the requirements of the call.We want to involve persons with disabilities because they can contribute with “first hand” information, share their experience and an important point of view, they can come with an input very valuable for the message that we want to transmit.

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