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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Turkey each year about 60.000 children receive inpatient treatment. Roughly hundreds of thousands of children, though the exact number is unknown, contact with medical staffs in emergency services of hospitals; the staffs make efforts to treat them. So our graduates will serve for hundreds of children in their professional lives and take active part in their treatments and operations. The rate of proficiency in approaching inpatient children in EU is 97% while it is only 33% in Turkey.Parents do their best in order to keep their children healthy. But in case of some diseases and injuries, it is inevitable for children to receive inpatient treatment and to have an operation. It is a worrisome and frightening process even if it is a slight operation. This causes children to feel weak and hopeless. According to a survey, children don’t receive a professional assistance during the inpatient treatment; they may develop such feelings as anxiety and fear, for they haven’t been prepared psychologically and emotionally for a different environment from their family environment, they even develop some psychological and behavioural disorders which will negatively affect their future lives.In EU countries, hospital admittance programme is implemented in order for children, our future’s assurances, not to go through a trauma following the inpatient treatment experience. In hospital admittance programme, implemented professionally in EU hospitals, the clinic staff, administrators, nurses, trainers, other medical staffs act in accordance and harmony and a integrated hospital admittance activity is carried out. For this reason, the training which our participants will take part in will both raise their awareness and give them an opportunity to gain experience.The studies carried out show that 4 out of 5 children are introduced to hospitals by the time they are 5 years old. That’s why the admittance of children in hospitals is of crucial importance. Also this importance can clearly be seen in EU laws and in the related conferences. In universal declaration of human rights, it is stated that mother and children have the right to receive care and assistance at the outset. In declaration of patient rights there is an article about improving the humanitarian side of medical services given to all patients especially to children, psychiatric patients, old people and people with serious diseases.It is very important to prepare children to give inpatient treatment before doing this. The most important role in this process is the adults’. Especially the hospital administrators and staffs should make some arrangements and planning in the hospital. In this arrangement is preparing the hospital rooms for children, promoting the vocational qualifications and skills of hospital staff in terms of approaching them, which is possible only through specialised staffs.Our school offer education in two programmes: nursing and emergency medical technician with 335 students. Our graduates are generally employed in public or private hospitals as medical staffs. The employment rate of our graduates is nearly 100%.Because our graduates will be employed in hospitals, being vocationally qualified in approaching child patients will make them more advantageous over the other candidates. The project will enable them to receive training and see good practices in approaching child patients and transfer them into our country. Our school implemented a project titled Integrated Approach in Patients Care and is experienced in project implementation. 45 students and 6 teachers in total will participate in the transnational mobility. The participants will be composed only of the students of nursing department and vocational teachers.Considering their academic success and foreign language ability, the voluntary students will be interviewed and the participants of the project will be determined by a commission.With the implementation of the project our country will have qualified medical staffs that are not childish but know children and have raised their awareness.

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