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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The name of our project is "Innovative Practices and applications in Patient and Aged Care Service". The consortium consists of Muğla Şifa Hatun Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Salihli Talat Zurnacı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School with our coordinator Muğla Zübeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. A total of 45 students who are studying in the field of Patient and Aged Care and 6 teachers in all three schools participate, as beneficiaries, in professional courses of the mobility. Accompanying teachers have been carrying the students participating in the internships for more than one year. Our host partners consist of educational institutions in Spain, Italia and Netherland . These institutions are Malaga-Sanyres Sur. S.Lin Spain; Modena-Formodena soc.cons.r.l. in Italia and Imrezorg in Netherland. In our country, corporate, sick and elderly care services were revised in the framework of EU harmonization laws, service area was expanded and the patients were served at home. In our country, the sick and elderly care services are re-organized, the service area is extended and health personnel are now serving patients in their homes in the context of EU harmonization laws. This development, especially encouraging for the elderly, patients and their families, has brought the need for qualified, well-informed and experienced service personnel. In order to meet this need our state began to open "Sick and Elderly Care" departments at vocational high schools. That our institutions involved in the consortium are yet new, leads to inadequate training with theoretical knowledge. Our students graduate insufficiently in terms of knowledge, skills, experience and practice ; and also they have difficulty in finding a job. This significantly reduces the interest in the part of the parents. It’s is an important factor for Europeans to capture the multifaceted quality as they’ve carried a long process of services in the EU’s experience in this area. By implementing this project, our participants will increase their professional knowledge, put it into practice, and gain experience with the new applications during the internship. Part of the two-week international mobility which will be held in three separate flows to the three EU countries will be conducted by our host partners with the help of expert trainers, security guard, guidance officer, and also with logistical, organizational and corporate support. Our participants will learn all kinds of EU-quality social, psychological and technological applications on the sick and elderly care in the appropriate place; and they will ignite the fuse of high quality education sharing and applying professional and cultural achievements in their school at the end of the internship. With the promotional activities in their regions they will attract the attention of the local people and the relevant service organizations and they will both facilitate the participation in employment and provide an increase in enrollment in schools. With the Europass certificates it will be easier for our students to find a job that they would gain even internationally. During the activity, evaluation of educational studies, the results of retained reports and positive implications and consequences of all kinds of promotional activities to be carried out in the area will be shared between all members immediately and these shares will remain constantly open to members. Participated in the project, to observe the changes such as the success of our students in the employment agencies and a rise in the profession is one of the results we aim to share with project-partners in the long term. During the mobility the students will have improved their language skills in addition to obtaining cultural achievements by visiting important places out of practice hours. Considering all the achievements of the project, on our own efforts, we will have contributed to the development of the national economy, increasing the quality of service as well as the development of international cultural interactions in the long term.

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