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Yaşlılarımız ve Bakıma Muhtaç Hastalarımıza AB Standartlarında Bakım Yapılması
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As happened all over the world, the elderly population (65 years and above) is increasing continuously in our country as well. The number of the elderly people in need of care is also increasing day by day in this elderly population. Providing quality care to our elderly and patients in need of care is our primary duty as in every modern society. Because elderly and patients in need of care cannot maintain their own lives on account of their inadequacies. Care for elderly and patients is to solve the problems that created by their physical, mental and social deficiencies and to help them to meet their basic needs with the highest standards. Old age is a special period with physical, psychological and social aspects. For that reason it is necessary for the people who will give care and nursing services to the individuals to recognize the characteristics of old age and to have special knowledge and experience in this area. Today, there is a great need for the trained people who have knowledge about the physical, psychological and health problems of old age and patients and who are able to make maintenance and follow-up processes of those people at home or in institutions. Vocational training about the care for the sick and elderly is being given to the nursing and Sick and Elderly Services students in our school. However, because of the lack of practice of the theoretical subjects given to them at school, their practice is very insufficient. Qualified professional staff that have vocational qualifications cannot be trained to meet the needs of health sector. After nursing students graduate, they work in public and private nursing homes, care and rehabilitation centers, health institutions and hospitals. In this way, they meet the demand of intermediate staff need of health sector. So, they need to have required knowledge, skills and practice competencies in their field and they need to learn new developments and practices about care of elderly closely. For many years, elderly and patient care is a very widespread profession which needs a very special expertise in European countries. However, the number of the trained personnel on this subject in Turkey is scarcely any so far. Our project was prepared and implemented for the nursing students of Vocational High Schools. The goal was to improve their professional knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors on elderly and patient care, to contribute their harmony to work life, to be trained in a real work environment, to know the facilities, tools and equipment that are not available at their schools, to follow the modern elderly and patient care conditions closely, to do internship in the European elderly and patient care institutions and to have a job when they graduate. 17 students and 2 accompanying teachers from Yapraklı Çok Programlı Anadolu Lisesi, 8 students and 1 accompanying teachers from Gazi Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi , 8 students and 1 accompanying teachers from Seydişehir Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, 8 students and 1 accompanying teachers from Özel Kırıkkale Dünya Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, 9 students and 1 accompanying teachers from Şehit Mustafa Yahya Mertcan Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi took part in the abroad study of the project. Our project was implemented for 14 days in Germany, Belgium, Nederland and Hungary in May 2016. 18 students in Germany, 16 students in Belgium, 9 students in Nederland and 9 students in the Hungary did internships. We did not have any problems during the implementation of abroad training program.The project objectives that we intended in our project proposal were met.All the participants followed the training time completely. Our students received practical training in the care of the sick and elderly in European countries. They participated in various seminars and conferences. To contribute their personal and professional development, they visited nursing homes, care and rehabilitation centers, hospitals and primary care health institutions, met with their officials and received information about their activities. Our students’ vocational knowledge, skills and experiences in the care of the sick and elderly has increased with the project works. Their self-confidence improved.They got new professional horizons by observing the implementations about the care of the sick and elderly in Europe. They learned new techniques and methods, and how to use tools and equipment in the care of the sick and elderly. They had intercultural information exchange. They had significant contributions in their foreign language. A CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION was given to each one of the students by the project owner and the host institutions abroad at the end of the project. Students and accompanying teachers are reflecting their acquisitions to their school works. The works of dissemination the good implementations that gained from our project are still going on.

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