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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT: According to the researches, children have sustainable learning through creative activities, they express themselves better when they they develop their communication skills, and most importantly during the learning process they have fun. However, teachers lack of competence of professional creativeness. Although modern education system is applied at our school, our teachers still insist on the classical teaching system and they try to discipline, critisize and inform the pupils. Pupils cannot express themselves easily because the teachers do not provide them with an atmosphere in which they can be more creative. Also, in-service training which can improve the teachers skills are not sufficient. There are many reasons for this: in-service training course are usually take place in big cities and this is an obstacle for many teachers. Methods and techniques used in these courses are usually theoratical. So, the application part is ignored. AIMS OF THE PROJECT: The main aim of our school is to educate creative, productive, analytic, self- confident pupils. For this, we want to increase the quality of learning atmosphere for pre-schoolers and make pre-school learning common. To do this: to make the teachers aware of how creativeness is important fort he pupils, to supply them with skills and competences to teach creatively, to develop creative teaching atmosphere through modern teaching approach, to monitor how these techniques and methods are used in European partner schools and implement the succesful methods at our schools. Besides these main targets, to improve our education staff’s educational skills and competences, we also aim that our educational staff will be aware of European citizenship. They will also have the understanding of different cultures, languages and life styles in Europe which will make them to communicate and develop one another. NUMBER AND THE PROFILES OF THE MOBILITIES: 3 teachers and 2 directors of our school started the project by performing preparation , application, dissemination and evaluation steps. While deciding on teachers, we considered at least 3 years teaching exprience, comminucation and international represantative skills, experince of project conducting, eagerness, research skills and openness to innovation. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES: Project management plan will be made at the stage of project preparation with signing the fund contract. Participants will be chosen according to certain criterias, logistic aspect will be determined and deal will be made with partners and participants. Minimum 80 hours language education will be needed. We will have an overall meeting and questionnare of self evaluation will be made. At the level of Project application from 09 to 15 May in Sweden we will attend 5 day course "Creativeness and Learning" by The learning Teacher Network. At the level of dissemination, there will be an evaluation and questionnare of self evaluation will be made after the course. Evaluation results will be announced at school, on the internet and in the educational area of the school. Final report will be written. METHODOLOGY WHICH WILL BE USED DURING THE PROJECT: At the level of project preparation, survey will be applied to determine the needs for schools and the briefings will be held. During the implementation phase, Interactive workshops, discussion and application techniques, creative drama, active group works will be implemented, besides, excursions, observations and visits will be held to creativity centers to improve experiences. At the level of the dissemination, training seminars, meetings, active group works will be held for the development of creativity to our teachers, school staff and parents. Acquired knowledge, experiences, photos and videos will be shared on the internet (eTwinning, facebook, blog, website, google drive, etc.). The pamphlets and the brochures will be prepared and published in a local newspaper. INTENDED RESULTS; Teachers will have the necessary skills and competences of developing creativeness and they will be able to encourage the pupils to creativeness. When we sharing the experiences with the other staff at school, our schools’ quality of education will increase due to our having EU exprience. Our school will be popular and the number of our pupils will increase. Pupils will develop their creative thinking, communication skills, self confidence and awareness of responsibility. IN THE LONG RUN: The level of the quality of education will increase and so will the number of the pupils having pre-school education which will make pre-school education commoner. Therefore, creative, productive, analytic, self confident and highly successful pupils will be educated.
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