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Yanlız Değilsiniz
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is 14 kms away from syria. It is the only second school which educates the students after primary school. 73.000 syrian refugees has been living in Kilis. This number is the 67 percantage of the population of our city. The Project called “ don’t live alone “, aims at making our school education constructive and cultured, ensuring the students to learn sth each other and their environment, outfitting them by the view points of recognizing and embracing the world. From local part to the other parts. As a vocational and public institution, the ways of prevention and intervention of being able to direct well educated effects to get these targets and our needs analysis containing the explanation, I said before, identify our project’s subjects.Our project’s aims are to uniform the local differences maket he different ethnic and gender convert advantage, create the same education opportunity to each different ethnic groups. Our project’s basic exit point is to the idea of “you are not alone” awareness and live with this identity, respect the people who get this idea and peace envoy to this idea.Our indirect aims are to develop our school’s personnels and all of the stakeholders’ qualifications who are the helpers of our school’s development. Our Project teams occurs two administrators, six teachers. The members of the team are from different branches. They have worked in different regions and also they are sophisticated people who have had different experience. The common points of the team members are to have effective contact ability, be innovator, have the mission of our institution. They have the potantial of preventing the wish of the students’ running away from the school. They convert to make these works energy to prevent the students’ running away from the school and they have the potantial of spreading it to the social base. The members of the team are curious about the activites which are in foreign contries. They are also willing to be internationalization. They have large point of view about internationalization. But, our participants have experience with different cultures on local sense.They have no experience on international platform. By this aspect, our participants, who want to grow the students, are insufficient on the point of how to integrate these cultural values and also they have insufficient on teaching metarials. -Respect for cultural differences on migration and integration, the ability to form social bonds in a foreign environment, to seperate from the iner world of conflict and cultural clashes skills, the positioning arrangement workshop on the consept of empathy. The second foreigh education is, multicultural approach to education in a multicultural classroom teaching in the annual game of beeing applied and our project work, such as making appropriate practical applications. Finally, in the third study abroad, information will be available on the early drop- otus, qualified employment training activites and applications which increase employment, will be examined in place. The articipants will introduce their institution to the other participants, so they internationalization their institutions. It will be cooperated among European participants about qualified personnel training. After international mobility, in our institution, there will be a project table called “you are not alone” and to conducting a center of activity, attention to visiually check by flyers and banners emphasizing issues. The team which examine the approach to this issue of different cultures in Europe, will inform to the other members of the institution. After that it will activite all institution works for widening.There will be atraining containing parents on this subjects. After multicultural curriculum being implemented in Europe, the city Council will be informed about the project, if the concil supports our project, multiculturalism will be considened on some decisions in some council. All domestic and international documents are generated from operating activites will disseminated in digital area.In order to assess how our project is successful, there will be comparative studies with quantitative data ocur under the previous report. Besides this, gain sensitivity to the pain in evaluation results, there will be surveys to the students and parents. For teachers by including the subject of the course contentse, resports will be provided to keep the classroom reports. Ultimate goal of our Project, to download the the abondoned school at least.-Be knowledgeable about the equivalent of the administrative staff of the European institutions.
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