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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In front of the development of the unemployment in particular for the youth, REUSSIR La Mission Locale de Lille leans on the European Voluntary Service to strengthen the support of the young people the most distant from the employment. Through the preparation, the participation, the evaluation and the valuation of this experience, the objective is to strengthen the employability of the young people by allowing them to acquire new technical and social skills, to value their commitment and to join a new dynamics. From the phase of preparation, the notions of citizenship are approached in parallel with the role of the volunteer through the presentation of the base of the values of the European Union. The participation of former volunteers in this phase facilitates the awareness of the various forms that can acquire the active holding and of the notion of European citizenship. We intend to emphasize Human Rights and the Freedom of expression by favoring the exchanges between the participants to prevent as good as possible situations of conflict once there between people of different cultures, in connection with the events which took place in France at this beginning of year 2015. The choice of the short-term European Voluntary Service bases on the nature of the activities which are accessible immediatly to all, at once, whatever is the profile of the volunteer. This element is essential because to feel united the volunteer will need to feel useful. Other characteristic of the short term is the opportunity to evolve in a multicultural environment thanks to the presence of the other short-term and long-term volunteers, the local volunteers which favors the meeting and the cohabitation of cultures and different languages. The environment so created is the first condition so that the volunteers free themselves from stereotypes and prejudices and so that they reach a better understanding and so that they develop more tolerance. Without the implication, the understanding and the cooperation of our hosting partners the objective connected to the improvement of the employability of the young people could not be reached. The project allows the French young people to develop new skills, it has to allow the other young people in particular local to acquire it also.The activity takes place on the municipalities of Xylokastro in the Peloponnese in Greece. The theme is the one of the environment which allows the implementation of activities easily accessible to the young people having fewer opportunities. These activities can take the shape of actions of cleaning, maintenance of spaces, restoration of community facilities, awareness campaigns on the protection of environment and promotion of Erasmus + program. Upon their arrival, the volunteers receive the support of the hosting organisations to facilitate their participation in the various tasks and their access to the discovery during their spare time. The activities take place over a period of one month and the departures are made in binomials to reassure on one hand the young people, on their apprehension of the journey and the estrangement, and on the other hand the families which are sometimes a brake in these travels. The project plans the sending of 8 young people from June untill November, 2015.

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