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XENOPHON II - Development of a Common European Qualification on Customer Service in the Telecom Industry

XENOPHON II will design and introduce a series of procedures, manuals and standards with regard to the development of a competence-based, European certification system in the field of customer services within the Telecommunications Industry.Building upon work undergone in the previously funded Leonardo da Vinci project 'XENOPHON', this new phase will focus upon the implementation and further expansion of the previous project results.Activities will include; development of a guide on the introduction of Competence-Based Certification (CBC), development of assessment procedures for use by assessors and candidates, development of a framework of standards for a European vocational qualification on customer service and the establishment of a dedicated, interactive website able to host all of the project deliverables.The results of the current development phase are expected to provide innovative materials and tools to be offered to the telecommunications industries in the associated partner countries providing for the potential development of existing workforce personnel to European standards thus assuring a competitive workforce able to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. This will further serve to benefit all involved partner countries in allowing fuller transparency of industry qualifications across Europe.Project outputs and materials will be translated to all partner languages (EL, EN, FR, RO, CZ & NL) to enable a fuller impact upon the involved partner countries and will be promoted through the hosting of specialist dissemination conferences (aimed at Social Partners, policy makers and accreditation bodies) and through the production and circulation of regular project newsletters to a select industry mailing group.
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