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Wzrost wiedzy, umiejętności i kompetencji zawodowych uczniów Zespołu Szkół CKR w Gołotczyźnie poprzez mobilność edukacyjną z elementami ECVET.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The development of mobility in vocational education is a fundamental part of a School Development Plan and the European Development Plan of Agricultural School in Gołotczyzna. Our school enriches its experience through projects implementation and in this way increases the number of motilities and strengthens school partnership with labour market institutions. In the following project we will use all the available ECVET elements, what in consequence will help our school meet European standards for vocational training, will improve transparency in the acquisition and recognition of professional qualifications, and will facilitate students' existence on the European labour market. Students will leave for 3 companies: ILLUT Bonn - Brand., DEULA Nienburg and DEULA Hildesheim, with whom Partnership Agreements were signed. These centers have been well- known for many years as those which provide high quality training. The main objectives of the project are: -supporting the mobility of ECVET -gaining new skills( those beyond school curricula and increasing students' competitiveness on the labor market) -gaining skills of revitalization, arrangement and design of green areas for commercial and recreational purposes -learning about and following safety rules when operating modern specialized machines with regard to EU norms and standards, -learning about various solutions applied in the area of using renewable energy: solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, hydro power and biomass, -preparing students (future graduates) to setting up their own businesses, -developing skills of professional foreign language use -learning about German culture and consequently breaking stereotypes formed in both cultures, -developing the ability to work in a team Students of grades II, III, IV will take part in the project. They are students of profiles related to agriculture and rural development: farming, landscaping, renewable energy, agribusiness, food processing. All these profiles are in the offer of our agricultural school in Gołotczyzna. 3 groups of 18 students + 2 teachers for each group will participate in the internship in partnership institutions . Totally 54 trainees and 6 experienced charetakers. As a part of the project we assume the realization of 2 weeks' internship for three groups each with 18 students. The aim of the internship will be the enrichment of the offer of agricultural schools, going beyond program practical training effects. The choice of the internship contents will depend on the preferences of the candidate, but the qualification will depend on the results of the recruitment, carried out in accordance with the rules of recruitment. In ILLUT BB Paulinenaue the internship will focus on the revitalization of old parks and other green areas. The 2. group leaving for DEULA Nienburg will realize internship in the field of safe operation of modern agricultural equipment as well as work safety during various activities on the farm. Te 3. group going to DEULA Hildesheim will receive training in generation and use of renewable energy sources. Knowl., skills and competences acquired during the internship were initially defined and agreed by the sending and the hosting institutions in Agreement. Trainees' achievements described in the form of learning outcomes will facilitate their certification, validation and recognition during the internship and after its completion. It will be possible to adapt the contents to the profile and professional interests of the particip. Internship will be realized in three centers: ILLUT BB in Paulin., DEULA in Nienb. and Hild. The first group of internship participants will leave in the autumn of 2015, the second in the spring 2016, the third in autumn 2016. Each group will work according to a programme, developed by the instructors in consultation with employers and a foreign partner. Expected results are: the development of professional skills, language abilities ,intercultural skills and social skills of participants. Among expected results are also : training 54 stud. and winning Europass Mobility certificates confirming internship and achieved effects of training; disseminating the results during a conference; the Internet website. The achievement of all of the above objectives included in the project gives the students a better chance for breaking out of the risk of long-term unemployment and social exclusion, finding work in the future or setting up their own businesses, not only in Poland, but also on the European labour market. Among long-term benefits we find: providing participants with attractive additional knowledge and professional and social skills. Students from areas being at risk of unemployment will be motivated to look for work or start their own business. In addition, the participation of young people in this project just before they start their own working lives will motivate them to mobility, creativity and self-confidence.
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