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WYA Emerging Leaders Conference 2015
Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: Nov 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project starts form the interest of a group of young people in different EU countries to discuss and propose their idea and opinions to the decision-makers on some essential pillars for the development and full civic participation of the youth: social inclusion, health and education. The access to education for example is one of the main rights through which a citizen can fully accomplish himself and feel included in society and labour market. In a period of economic crisis in which numerous young people, especially those coming form situation of risk of exclusion (ie: immigrants, disabled people) find it difficult to fully access the education but also health services in their own community we believe that a discussion at institutional level should be better targeted with the involvement of the same young people, who bring their own specific visions and needs. The project will involve 35 young people from 2 European countries together with representatives of the European institutions and of NGOs of the sector. Through the project we want to raise the voice of the young European citizens, making them more aware of the problems at stake and be able to elaborate informed proposals to the policy-makers. The project aims to reach the following objectives: - broaden the perspective and vision of youth beyond national issues by underlining common interests and activities across Europe; - foster the exchange of ideas between young people to make them experience first hand the diversity and the added value of engaging at transnational level; - develop soft skills in the young people such as team working, communication, analytical skills, creativity; - raise awareness about the European citizenship. The activities will follow the approach proposed by the structure dialogue in the field of youth. A process of continuous dialogue between the young people from different countries on one side and between them and the European policy-makers, that will have its key moment on the presentation of a "Declaration on Social inclusion, health and education" at the European Parliament, as final act of the conference. Planned activities Phase 1: Promotion of the seminar, selection and preparation of the participants. Phase 2: Celebration of the seminar (4 days). The event will have two plenary session panels in the morning, followed by group works and capacity building sections in the afternoons. The final day of the meeting will be dedicated to the assessment of the results between the young participants. These panels will be accompanied by activities where the main actors are the young people: - A preparatory brainstorming between the young people - Simulation of a negotiation following the model of the European Council; the scope is to involve the young participants, divided in national groups, in an activity where they can develop soft skills and learn from each other in a multicultural environment. Every national group will present their opinions, discuss common points and differences and present a common "Declaration on health and education" to the decision-makers. - Assessment and follow-up plans. The proposals developed by the young people will be mainstreamed in national and European policies and will contribute to create new strategies at every level in the fields discussed by the project. This new knowledge will then be further discussed, shared and enriched not only by the participants and decision-makers but also with other stakeholders, experts and companies. The lessons learnt will also be used as a material to help the decision-makers in implementing the current policies for youth and the initiatives developed at local level for the achievement of the objectives connected to the EU Youth Strategy, Youth on the Move and so on. Through a continuing advocacy activity at different level of the participating organisations and young national groups involved, we should obtain the adoption of action plans/legislations by the different decision-makers and as a consequence in promoting reforms that should increase the civic participation and social inclusion of the young people.

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