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Writing Theatre

The reducing of school leaving phenomenon is now a meaningful part of UE members policies since it is relevant to the achievement of the objectives fixed by the EU strategy 2020 which claim the necessity of improving and innovating the training quality and functioning offered at national level, by including it in a European System for the recognition and valorisation of competences and knowledge acquired not only formally, but also within informal and formal learning contexts. Despite the member states hold different criticalities and systems, the good practices currently in use are informed on common methodological and pedagogical principles based on the centrality of the “learner”, on the necessity of integrating and updating roles and competences of the training facilitators and counselling operators and on the need of renewing processes and approaches by promoting the cooperation among the different actors and professionals working within the same system. In this framework Writing theatre, acting directly on learning and counselling facilitators offered its contribution to the national and European training and education systems which, focus their efforts on contents and methodologies. Writing Theatre, in fact, by implementing on transnational level a range of combined actions aimed at transferring a model within all national contexts involved in the partnership and all the others eventually interested to adopt it. Our purposes were to contribute to the institutionalization of “non traditional” methods and interventions which demonstrate to achieve pedagogical objectives matching the need of standardise and share practices concerned with the recognition of informal and formal knowledge established by CE.•Realisation of a direct and efficacious transfer action towards specific typologies of organisations (Schools, Training, counselling centres) which benefit of the adoption of the Writing Theatre practice within their working contexts. •Train the trainers, so as to directly integrate their competences, skills and knowledge (teachers, trainers, social workers) as “processes facilitators”. •Realisation of training laboratories addressed to young having left school, aimed at making the trainers trained apply the “lessons” learned. •Verification in itinere of the efficacy of Writing Theatre model, through the implementation of exchange practices with both direct beneficiaries and other methods already tested in the partnership national contexts
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