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Write a project, make a change
Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Mar 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „Write a project, make a change” is a training course financed by the European Comision through Erasmus+, which will take place in Bucharest between 4-14 december. The 5 countries participating in the project are represented by: the association Steps for life from Romania, association Orenda Foundation from Bulgaria, association DeM Turkey Experiental Taining Center from Turkey and the informal group from Italy - La insola che non c'e. The project is ment for 25 youth workers from the associations above and it has as a main purpose: the growth of the youth worker’s competencies regarding writting and encouraging young people to write international projects. To reach this purpose, we set the following objectives: 1. Growing the level of knowledge regarding planning and writing Erasmus+ projects, for the 25 participants from the 5 countries, up to the end of the project; 2. Growing the ability of identifying and analyzing the needs of young people, for the 25 participants from the 5 countries, up to the end of the project; 3. Growing the ability of motivating and involving young people in writing youth projects. for the 25 participants from the 5 countries, up to the end of the project; 4. Growing the level of confidence of the 25 youth workers, participants in the project, regarding their capacity to write and implement European youth projects in their own communities. 5. Creating a brochure with the essential elements in writing European projects and the means to motivating young people to get involved in this activity. The participants will attend seminars covering non-formal methods of learning, during the preparation of the project, as well as in implementing the activities, the evaluation phase and follow-up. The project will take place during a 5 month period (1 October 2014- 1 March 2014) in the course of which we expect our participants to work with as many young people and grow personally and professionally. During the project, we will be working with 5 high schools in Bucharest, encouraging the sign-up of 70 alumni in activities involving motivating and writing projects, which will be leaded by youth workers. They will be working together for 5 days, in order to bond as a team, understand the concepts that are at the base of writing a project and to develop 5 international projects of implicating young people in the community. These projects will be presented in high schools and libraries in Bucharest and other partner countries – young people receiving our support in sending the projects to different lines of financing. The project „Write a project, make a change” will offer a huge visibility to the program Erasmus+, the results of the project will reach more than 400 students, as well as the virtual space through the project’s blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, the partner NGO’s sites and other dissemination sites. We estimate that this project will be the starting point for at least 2 other projects of the K1 action and that it will consolidate the partnership between the NGOs and as a result, it will jump start a project of the K2 action.

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