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World Music in Kraków
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ''World Music in Krakow'', initiated by the Cultural Center ''Dworek Bialopradnicki'', is an event, with an aim to discover and to disseminate “the world music”, as an incredibly special music genre as well as cultural type. Apart from the musical aspect of stricto, it is immensly important to be open to discover new cultures and creating an open minded image. People from Poland and Italy are both engaged in this project, who both share the passion for music. This event will be located in Krakow, in ''Dworek Bialopradnicki'', especially in one of its Cultural Clubs, ''Przegorzaly''. The events proposed in this event will be taking place between the 1st October, 2015 and 1st August, 2016. The aims of this project are greatly expanded into the mobility of the youth of the European Union, giving them more opportunities by improving their skills of competence and ability, which are necessary to survive in the world of work. Specifically, one of the aims of this project is to expand the ability of cultural competence, therefore to be more open and dissimilar from the expected. On the other hand, the participants of this project will get the opportunity to improve on their practical skills such as effective communication, independence, responsibility or organisation of work. These, along with other skills, volunteers will be able to expand by organising cultural events and concerts of “world music”, which's popularity is another aim of this project. One of the participants of the project will be an Italian woman, who's profile is very suitable for this project, ''World Music in Krakow''. This person is very open minded, motivated and very keen to work and attempt new challenges. She has also experience in the music field and organising cultural events, which will be very useful in this project. Action regarding this project ''World Music in Krakow'', will be based on promoting the “world music”, by organising concerts as well as cultural events dedicated to this type. The aim of the organisers is to make contacts with foreigners living in Krakow and other cities, who could potentially be invited for work alongside this project to expand on the music cultures presented so far. Organising mentioned concerts will need a series of methods of work, which include: promoting and organising events by advertising with fliers and posters, as well as social media, contacting artists and building a base of contacts, coordinating realization of events, archive photographed information from the events and evaluating these. The most important aim of the project will be the development of the volunteer who is a part of this project. By development, it is meant that the volunteer has the chance to expand on their competence and practical skills, enough to increase their ability to succeed in the international world of work. This project, however, is not only going to benefit those taking part, but also those attending all of the organised events. This will be mainly the citizens of Krakow. Foreigners living in Krakow will also be the ones to benefit, who will be able, due to this project, to present culture of their countries. As as result, this will allow the increase of popularity of “world music”, improve how people respond to new, foreign cultures. Increasing the popularity of this, may potentially result in initiating of music festivals locally as well as internationally.
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