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Works in Mountain World
Start date: May 11, 2015, End date: Dec 10, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Works in Mountain World" is a project of network-creation among mountain areas that claim to explore the possibilities of implementing sustainable jobs in rural areas. The specificity of the populations of villages and mountain landscapes are key assets that we want to promote and invest in with the persence of young persons from different parts of Europe. For this, we propose an exchange project to discuss ideas, challenges and opportunities to live and work in this type of territory. Our project is characterized by a youth exchange activity in the Pyrenees area, on an area to cross-border specificity. This exchange will also be part of social events where young people develop their knowledge networks and, concretely, learn about the dynamics of the green jobs. In return, the results of these exchanges will be the creation and distribution of two newsletters on the theme "What is the future of European young professionals in mountain areas?". "Works in Mountain World" is a Youth Mobility project on one of the key themes of sustainable development applied to local territory, from both an economic and social perspective: employment . For the young people we want to reach - mainly young students from the regions of Molise (Italy), Aragon (Spain) and Aquitaine (France) united by the common presence of the mountain - the project intends to highlight the strengths of the mountain territories (with such an increbible area like the Pyrenees massif) by the meeting of different types of workers and by the discovery of a different professional heritage that makes the wealth and the fame of the mountains, that creates the concrete knowledge-inputs of the training precess, and, finally, that creates current opportunities in an emerging sectors. For that reason, this project is based on a dynamic opening to knowledge. The meeting on a border area of Pyrenees, meeting between young French, Spanish and Italians students, will effectively target the needs of young people on the theme of sustainable employment; then, it will offer to people of the three regions easy, concrete and direct knowledge of sustainable jobs. It will also show that the specificity of the inhabitants of the villages and landscapes of mountain areas are indeed a core strengths and, above all, they offer real and concrete economic opportunities for young people. Through this, the project has a cross-border and multicultural structure; it has a durable effect as the information will be broadcasted on all the three areas. Main objective is to promote knowledge and understanding of a Sustainable Economy in mountain areas; in addition, the projects aims to go against the negative preconceived ideas perceived in this type of rural and mountain territories. Thus, the objective is to restore the economic attractiveness for young people. This project is also an invitation to the economic mobility if young people sustained by the institutions of the French and European educational institutions.

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