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Archive of European Projects

Working togeather, participating in action
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We feel that just relying on the develoment resources provided by the annual compulsory co-operate employment agreement VESO in-service training is not enough. Only relying on it would particularly increase the gap between the most recent development and introduction of pedagogical methods and best practices. we also have identified a significant challenge in our school human resource competences because of the decade long development of ever growing number of campus buildings (now 5) and limited time for internal dialogues and communication. There is a strong bielef and vision amongst our staff that by using action methods and social cooperative and correspondence methods much progress may be experienced in a fairly limited time frame (two years). We have jointly chosen to use mathematics as the gateway to to the other subjets too. This Key competence and 21st century skill can offer a gateway to many other central skills in severla subjects and fields of learning. We therefore wish to enhance and focus the education on the development of mathematical thinking of our students. The staff of Kulju Primary School has strongly committed into expand their world view and understandement. The world around us is primary European and thus we wish to focus on learning to knwo it better. Particular emphasis will be given on learning language and cultural competencies in order to equip the staff more ith communicative and participatory action methods providing a tool pack and way of living for more equal social communication with adults and learners of our nation.
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