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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As European School making international mobility in initial vocational training and in the field of teacher and company trainer is a focus of the school's profile . By regularly applying for mobility projects a continuity and permanent implementation of European work placements in initial vocational training at the BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (Vocational College at the Kiel Canal) is to be achieved . Due to the progressive Europeanisation it is increasingly important to search for the young people to new career paths in the European Union. Through an exchange during their initial training they can get some experience in " a protected and supervised framework " to get fit for the European labor market. There are mobilities planned in the field of teacher/company trainer and young people in initial vocational training from food , design , health / personal care, metal, electrical / IT technology and construction with our Finnish partner Varia from Vantaa (Helsinki ) and the Spanish partner Conselleria D • educació I CULTURA ( CAIB ) on the Balearic Islands. The participants are at least in 2.apprenticeship year , so that a base is assured of practical experience . The participants shall implement a three-week in a meeting organized by the partner company placement , which is based on individually created learning agreements and units of learning outcomes with the trainees . The teachers and trainers conduct a week-long training for vocational education in the partner countries. Depending on the knowledge of the participants each affiliate program is adapted. Thus topics such as, inter alia, general VET system, ECVET, competency-based curricula, formal/non -formal learning and its assessment. All project partners are governed by contract tasks in the Memorandum of Understanding . Especially in our structurally weak region are the European labor markets is of great importance . The young people are experiencing the benefits of the EU and identify opportunities on a European labor market. They get to know new cultures and open as the European thought. Our experience shows that students who fears losing to communicate in another language . You will significantly improve their English and above all recognize that despite fears a voice communication, eg non-verbally in the workplace, is possible. They will return to the German labor market with strengthened self-confidence. The young people experience benefits of the European Union and recognize the opportunities on a European labor market. The preparation of students for mobility increases their motivation in the classroom. Especially in relation to the Technical English students often have problems with motivation . The trainees are required during their stay and adapt to new structures ( professional, cultural) contribute . As part of the exchange, the trainees learn new operational and organizational structures and working methods and processes know . These can be transferred to the situation in the home and optimize their own ways of working. Expand through the mobility of their technical knowledge. A transnational placement thus strengthening both their technical , communication , and social skills. The participation of teachers and trainers is an evolution of the BBZ the NOK and the participating companies expected. The participants come up with many ideas and impressions back and can transfer them to the German system and try to optimze the training in the home country. A long-term goal of the BBZ at NOK is the naturalness of participation in company placements abroad during the initial training. this, however the mobility must be firmly anchored in the initial and view the businesses these mobilities as a matter of course . Thus, the companies closely involved in the project activities (selection, preparation). Is so much trust between the partners , chambers of commerce and local businesses created an ECVET certification can be prepared by mobility content. This project is thus a further step on the way to ECVET at the BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. Thus takes place internationalization of partner schools and businesses. There are exchanged examples in the Best Practice cooperation and mutual assistance is given , so that the education of young people is optimized in initial vocational training .
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