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Working Abroad and Discovering Europe
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our " Working Abroad and Discovering Europe " project was born to meet the needs of the pupils of our professional high school Emile Baudot, officially certified “Lycée des Métiers”, of Wassy. Last year, our establishment joined in the process of academic labelling which will allow us by a few years to be recognized as a European High School. Therefore, we committed ourselves to making it possible for all our pupils, whatever their degree course, to benefit from at least one mobility abroad, either physical or virtual, during their schooling in our high school. Our carefully thought through partnerships with the Center of International Exchanges and the Fire Brigade Training Center, both situated in Dublin, allow us to set up professional internships in Ireland for our pupils studying in the field of Security and Business. To meet the needs of local businesses and the requirements of their future job, it is essential that our pupils can benefit from these training periods abroad. But our public, mainly stemming from an underprivileged background, is little inclined to mobility. That is why it is our duty to offer them the opportunity of these internships and thus real prospects of career and occupational integration in our tourist region. The attractiveness of our region, of our establishment and of its departments will obviously be increased. It is a team composed of management staffs, experienced teachers of vocational and general subjects that is at the origin of this school project. It is thanks to the modern means of communication and to the testimonies in its favor that we decided on the Center of International Exchanges, and thanks to an on-the-spot meeting and numerous computing exchanges that the partnership with the Fire Brigade Training Center of Dublin was concluded. This is the way the various aspects of the organization of the internships were defined, and the roles of each partner were specified in partnership agreements with our professional high school. These internships abroad must be prepared beforehand thanks to a personalized teaching, to prepare the participants, especially regarding business life and cultural differences. Furthermore, the General Teachings Connected to each Department (Business and Security) will allow the pupils to be well prepared so that they can carry out their internships in Dublin in the best possible conditions. We are convinced that all the pupils must have the opportunity to participate in this mobility. For that purpose, an important and frequent communication between the candidates and the persons at the origin of this project is necessary. It is during the staff meeting preceding the mobility that all the members of the educational community will decide together on the most deserving pupils by taking into account their efforts and their motivation, not their school results. The budget, including the European funding, the regional subsidy and the actions carried out by the pupils, will allow each voluntary pupil, even state-grant holders, to take part in this mobility project. Erasing the social and economic inequalities, the project will allow a group of 20 pupils (10 pupils of the Business department and 10 pupils of the security department to leave every year to join companies and the fire brigade training center of Dublin to validate the necessary skills to obtain the vocational high school diploma. Accompanied by teachers, they will be accommodated in host families to take advantage of this linguistic and cultural immersion at the most and so to improve their practice of English and develop their citizen consciousness. These work experiences, making possible a better occupational integration, it is important that the activities led by the pupils are assessed: tests led before the departure and on the return off the pupils will allow us to assess the efficiency of the internship. Graduated of the high school diploma, with the new optional mobility test, owners of certificates of internship delivered by our partners and by our establishment, and having developed the skills expected by the local recruiters, the pupils will be better armed to appear on the labor market. The national certificate Europass will give evidence of skills acquired by the pupils during their work experience and training abroad, and will allow the young people to build up a CV of quality and to concretize their ambitions. This European project has to be known by future high school students and future employers of our pupils. That is why it will be promoted thanks to various activities and advertising tools (press articles, conferences with schoolchildren, a web site with photos and testimonies …). Surveys realized with these employers, statistics on the attractiveness of our Business and Security departments concerned by the mobility and statistics on the professional success of the pupils, will enable us to make a realistic assessment of the usefulness of this mobility project.

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