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Work Practice in Ireland – County Wexford
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aims of this project are several. On a local basis the goal is to increase the cooperation between the students and staff in the consortium. On an intercultural basis we want to increase the cooperation with Enniscorthy Vocational College and the Irish work environment to make it possible for students to work abroad. The objectives are to increase the employability of the students after finishing their Vocational education and to develope the vocational education in the consortium. We also regard personal growth as an important outcome. In the long run, this project is viewed as a lifelong learning opportunity; the students and staff will gain knowledge and experience which they can use on a personal level, as well as on the Swedish or European labour market During the last six years of exchange within LLP Carlforsska and EVC have made great progress in our cooperation. The project groups from both organisations have met several times. We have founded a stable platform where we can rely on each other. Vocational training in different industries or areas is based on different traditions, beliefs and expectations. Experiences in real-life situations are often critical for the development of skills. Therefore, the workplace is also a training place where students or staff, irrespective of their profession should be given the opportunity to both develop and test their knowledge. Learning Mobility of Individuals VET learner (Work place based learning APL): Students in the vocational programme do 15 weeks of scheduled practice (APL) in Sweden in different wworking areas. Three of these weeks are implemented in Ireland. The exchange gives students the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. The goal is to gain a greater knowledge and insight about the differences in professional competencies within the EU. To experience their profession in a different environment, with a different language and see how tasks are carried out will contribute to a broader and valuable view of their future profession. Staff mobility, (Job shadowing): Sending staff to train abroad is a new activity meeting the needs expressed in our Internationalisation Plan e.g. * help to improve the quality of school education, * enable staff to undertake training in a country other than in that they normally work, * improve their practical teaching skills and knowledge, * develop evaluation tools with focus in terms of subject matter and vocational education, * gain a broader understanding of school education and evaluation in Europe. We are four different schools in this Consortium, representing the following profile of students: • Carlforsska gymnasiets Estet/Hantverk (Aesthetics and Crafts), CaEH; Hair dressing and Stylists • Carlforsska gymnasiet Ekonomi/Handel (Economy and Commercial), CEH; Salesmen and Shop assistant • Carlforsska Samhäll/Vård och Omsorg (Social Studies / Health and Social Care), CaSV; Nursing assistant • Carlforsska high school, Introduction programme, CaIM; Students with special needs After the exchange the participants are assigned to present their experiences and benefits from their time in Enniscorthy, Ireland. The presentation will be shown to students as well in staff meetings and offered to the local press. The results of the mobility will also gain the consortium during recruitment campaigns. We also invisage to spread our results to different business councils in Mälardalen region supporting our vocational educations. Enhanced international cooperation encourages schools and the EU in many ways. The schools offer students a unique educational and "experience" that they carry with them in their continuing profession. Schools competitiveness increases with an international flavor, when many young people today are eager to learn about new environments and the global labour market. Moreover, creating jobs exchange a trigger for both teachers and students with language training, enriched view of culture and broader professional analysis. In the long run, this project is viewed as a lifelong learning opportunity. The students and teachers will gain knowledge and experience which can be used on a personal level, as well as in the Swedish and European labour market. Another objective with the project is for the students to experience creative practices in a foreign and genuin place. This will help them develop in their knowledge and personal growth.
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