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Work-Placement in England
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For many years Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule Linz (higher voational college for business and administration) has had its main focus on "international business", including foreign languages as an integral part. Furthermore the Austrian economy keeps stressing the fact that theoretical knowledge is not sufficient, but should be supported by professional practice. As Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule LInz competes with other higher vocational colleges in which work practice (also abroad) is mandatory, it is of great importance to offer our students an opportunity of a work experience in foreign countries. In this way we make them competitive for the job market thus increasing their employability. Goals:- higher qualification of students by work experience- better preparation for their jobs- improvement of their English language skills- acquiring European competence- increasing their employability- better chances on the job marketExpected results:- increased practical competences in dealing with everday professional situations- better knowledge of business administration- better social competence especially when dealing with employers, co-workers, and customers- improved English language skills- better knowledge of the English culture, the English way of life and England's economy- increased motivation in their future studies- improvement of performance in school- better understandig for European cooperation- willingness to be more flexible in the job- the meaning of EU-citizenship- valuing the freedom of travelling within the EUIn the two activities there will be 40 (20/20) students in the third year of the Handelsakademie involved as well as four teachers, Twin, 40 (20/20) employers and 40 (20/20) host families in England.The students work in various companies and organistions where especially administrative tasks are assigned to them. Among many others, there are the following professional tasks to carry out:1. Investigation and written documentation on the spot in England:- finding out the legal form of the business concerned- levels of management in the business- how the company is funded- personnel- organisation of accounting- PR- and marketing concepts and measures taken-The written documentation is done on the PC and has to be handed in to the project manager and the business administration teacher. All the relevant findings will be dealt with in the form of case Studies in future lessons.2. Practical activities (examples):a) Offices:Routine tasks such as copying, filing, answering the phone, word processing, inputting data etc.Special tasks in accounting or marketing etc. only if possibleB) Schools:The tasks of the students are of administrative and organisational nature but do not involve the supervision of other students or children.- Discussing and assisting the organization of daily tasks- assistance in the planning of working processes - creating worksheets and materials- assistance in the recording of data- making photocopies- distribution, collection and filing of documents and working materials- support in the administration of school and nursery school libraryC) Shops, restaurants and leisure facilities- customer care- sales activities- collecting money- completion of receipts- co-operation in dealing with complaints and adjustments- photocopying- filing documents- supporting stock control
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