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»Work in Mind» - Cognitive-Behavioural Personal Skills Programme

The project will produce innovative, cognitive-behavioural, personal skills programmes to assist those who experience difficulty in engaging with vocational activities. Specifically, the target groups are those who: experience mental health difficulties; have a physical, sensory, cognitive or acquired disability; are long-term unemployed. These target groups will be service users who are seeking to participate in vocational activities for the first time or who are returning to vocational training following an absence. Project partners will conduct a needs analysis in each of the partner countries to assess the cognitive/behavioural difficulties experienced by the target groups as they seek to enter vocational training. Findings from the needs analysis will inform programme development along the lines of 'Training Programme Specifications' and materials for three practical, cognitive-behavioural, skills programmes. Staff will be recruited and trained to test the training programmes with the target groups. Monitoring and evaluation of the programmes will be ongoing throughout the project and will seek to ensure that the objectives of individual programmes are achieved. Concrete project outcomes will be aligned to the needs of each of the three target groups with respect to their educational and vocational training needs and will include: needs analysis reports; training programme specifications; training manuals and evaluation reports. Dissemination will be via the project website which will also facilitate communication between project partners. The European Platform for Rehabilitation, a network linking the partner organisations, will also be used for dissemination and a seminar at the end of the project period will elicit feedback. The project will endeavour to mainstream the projects results within the participating partner countries.
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