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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Twenty-four 3rd grade students took part in the project and carried out their professional training in commercial enterprises and companies during 13 workdays in the Czech Republic and Malta. They were accompanied by the experienced teachers who looked after them and monitored their internship and solved the problems. The mobilities were from September 7 till September 23, 2015. The main goals and outputs are the following: • we supported vocational education and training, • we supported our students in their professional and language preparation so they could use, apply and improve their knowledge and skills which they gained during their studies at our school, • we increased the students' interest in foreign languages, • the students were able to test their flexibility and adaptability in a foreign country, their personal maturity, independence and responsibility, they deepened their own personal experience and became acquainted with different culture, mentality and traditions, • we provided students with the new working methods and procedures, • we increased the school credit and the quality of education, • we strengthened the cooperation with the partners who had cooperated with us within the mobility projects and we started the new partnership and in such way we expanded international cooperation, • we supported modernization and internationalization in the field of VET. The main activities of the sending organization were the following: - informing students about the mobility project, - selection of the participants on the basis of clearly defined and transparent criteria, - choosing the appropriate target country, the receiving partners, duration of the training and its content in order to reach targets in terms of their skills and competencies which the participant should have acquired or should have expanded, - in cooperation with the partners, we prepared the participants for practical, vocational and cultural life in the host country, - signing the agreemets content of which was transparent for all parties involved and the work internship programme was their inseparable part, - arranging the transport, full-board accommodation, necessary work permits, welfare and insurance, - teachers´monitoring, - consistency among needs of the participants´ vocational training, the Curriculum and the content of the training, - confirmation of skills, abilities and knowledge gained by the participant and evaluation of general outputs in specific area of vocational training, - recognition of the credits within ECVET, drawing up documents - Europass Mobility and Europass certificate supplement, - dissemination activities. The main activities of the receiving organization were the following: - the cooperation with the sending organization during the planning process and the project implementation, - full-board accommodation of the participants, - adequate placement of the participants in an enterprise, - supervision and monitoring of the participants, - local transport, - cultural programme, social events, - assistance in understanding of the inhabitants´culture and menatlity, - the certificates of vocational training completion. After the mobilities, all participants received the following documents: Europass Mobility, Europass certificate supplement and a certificate of achieved qualification - all these documents will help participants to be successful at the labor market in the future. The existing cooperation between involved organizations was strengthened and the cooperation with the new partner was started and we helped each other with the implementation of ECVET. The cooperation within the ECVET partnerships for mobility allowed the transfer of credits from the host environment to the home environment which is based on the process of evaluation, validation and recognition. This will help us improve the educational process of students so that their success within further study options as well as possible job placement would be highly adapted to requirements of nowadays.

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