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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project involves ten students in grades 3 from Children and recreation program, and Health and socialcare program at Ystad High School. They will have a student exchange with Grantham College, England. The last year of a vocational program in high school that places great demands on the skills within the working areas of health care, nursing, education and people in need of special support. The goal is to do two weeks of APL in a kindergarten, school or a retirement home to learn how these operations work in England, with a focus on support activities for people with special need for support. The aim is also to increase their knowledge related toEU's key competencies that apply to all citizens. For example, "communication in foreign languages", "learning to learn" and "social and civil competences".Our partner is the English equivalent for these programs. They provide students with placements during two weeks in various businesses in Grantham. Then we will receive students from Grantham College in a similar way. Participating students are good representatives of their program and have achieved the goals in their studies and their former vocational training. The command of the English language and have a genuine interest in people with support needs. All students in grades 3 to the respective Health and care program and the Child and recreation program, and timely informated about the exchange objectives and selection criteria, and then submits a written application. The school principal appoints participants in consultation with teachers. The goal of the project is that students who participate in foreign vocational training get a deeper knowledge of support measures for people who are in need of special support. Students learn how people in need of special support can get the best possible opportunities in life and achieve a good quality of life and observing how this can be met in England. The participants' results are accounted for the vocational training period in the form of written documentation when they come home to Ystad Gymnasium and then also the staff and students from other programs take advantage of this. The results are also used in the School's international development work. It is hoped that the participants' knowledge about people with special needs and the assistance needs at the international level will increase, and that they have a thorough knowledge and experience of how to work in other countries. Participants can use their skills in their future professional practice.
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