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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

he contact between the two schools was established after an event of the Chamber of Commerce in November 2011. One important inspiration for the planned project is to bring together the well matching training programs in the chemistry section of the Lycées Paus Constans, Montlucon (France) and the Berufskolleg Kartäuserwall, Cologne. The school education of Chemical Technical Assistants (CTA ) in Germany and the classes of the BAC +3 in the Department of Chemistry (a three- year vocational education after the college) of the French education system fit very well together because learning content , level of education and the formal structure ( eg internships , duration) match. This cohesion allows for a very successful language and practical exchange between the two countries. The pupils of the school's training course must complete a four-week internship during the second and the third school year. Ten students will be enabled to complete this internship abroad in Montlucon, France. With this project, the students should be given the opportunity to gain practical experience in a bordering European country in order to improve their language skills. In allows students to be able to successfully exploit the European employment market. By improving the French language and the professional practice during the stay abroad the students also run the chance of joining the FOS 13 class to obtain the general higher education entrance qualification (condition: second foreign language). The selection of participants is based on a letter of motivation and the classification of their language skills. A linguistic and cultural preparation will take place in the French class by using international documents such as the Europass Language-pass. At a technical level, the internship preparation will be done by the chemistry teachers. The students abroad in Montlucon will be accommodated in the school dormitory together with the French students to enable an intensive cultural exchange. The visit of two teachers of the BK Kartäuserwall as support is intended in order to overcome the existing language barriers. This is to ensure that the pupils have a good start. Moreover a visit of the region allows an inspection of the companies the students will work for. During the internship, the monitoring and review of the learning progress will be effected by the French partners. In addition, the participants complete Europass Mobility-pass by documenting their learning experiences and objectives. These are compared and evaluated in the end of the internship. Moreover, evaluation forms will be handed out to all those involved in the project and then evaluated. This is a fast way to receive an extensive feedback on the project. It is to be expected that the participants will enrich their personality by dealing with the challenging approach to another culture. The period of residence in the Auvergne is seen as the base for the improvement of their individuality and self-reliance. With the new perspective through direct contact with the foreign culture prejudices can be reduced. The experience with other working methods, manners and approaches can lead to accelerated professional development. With this important input the apprentices are capable of participating in the European labor market.Due to the strong similarity of the two courses, the institutions involved can set up sustainable arrangements for an intercultural exchange of content and form of vocational training. Thus it is promising to create a solid linkage between the schools and the local chemical industry for an exchange of general education and professional training between Germany and France.
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