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Work-based learning for personal & professional development
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main reason why the sending partner 1st EPAL of Karditsa wish to implement the current project , in cooperation with the hosting partner, is the need for modernization of the educational process, the direct linkage to labor market and the necessity this process to take place within an international environment, which can be the springboard for the progressive internationalization of the partner organizations’ mission.Basic objective of the project is to give the chance to specific groups of students, originating from rural areas, with fewer opportunities due to the adverse economic situation and problems associated with that, to live a unique experience, which is expected to give them professional incentives and opportunities for personal improvement.The project also is focused on the training of the educational staff of the 1st EPAL of Karditsa as job observation in the laboratories of the collaborating schools in Turkey. Aim of this activity is the modernization of skills and competences of the teaching staff, the familiarization with the Italian educational system through substantial job observation of the procedures and last but not least, the exchange of good practices between schools. Furthermore, main objectives of the project are the development of the skills and qualifications of the participants, in order to help them smoothly integrate in a professional environment, to connect the theoretical and practical training with the labor market needs and to increase the coherence level between cognitive subject in training and occupational demand.The project will involve 40 students from the partner-schools from the fields of Mechanicals, and Electrology. 20 students will be selected from each sector and will receive training in the premises of the hosting partner, in the form theoretical training and laboratories, but also in the form of work-based learning, in relevant businesses and organizations, under the responsibility and guidance of the intermediate partner.The participants’ profile increases the need for the acquisition of this valuable learning and training experience, as these students present lack of motivation and objectives, regarding their personal and professional development. The major problems they are facing when they enter the labor market is oversupply of unskilled workers, but also the doubts of potential employers about the quality of their acquired knowledge and skills during their school education.Students the two sectors need to acquire a set of technical skills and competencies, based on the theoretical training they have received , but also meet the demands of today's labor market . Also, participants need to see the procedures performed in a working environment, to face potential challenges and problems that arise and to investigate or recommend solutions, thus enhancing their self-confidence and also their ability to make decisions.The general learning outcomes in terms of knowledge to be acquired and the skills participants will develop through the project are described below. Through the project , participants are expected to raise their awareness on the continuing education and training. Moreover, through work-based learning, participants will see knowledge as a collective activity, where they analyze the ideas , discuss problems and propose solutions . Through this process, participants will gain not only knowledge , but the methodology of learning itself .On a personal level, the interaction with a whole new environment, will help their personal development , since through such experiential processes people develop self-preservation , self-assessment mechanisms , adaptability , high sense of responsibility and cooperation and self-improvement, thus building their confidence. In addition, they learn to respect the individuality of others with whom they collaborate, they develop communication and language skills and essentially they learn to respect and accept diversity.The project aspires to motivate participants who will then act as multipliers to their classmates at school, their families and the local community, in order to pass on and share their knowledge and experiences about the training period abroad . We have the belief that in some extent, that kind of motivation will help towards reducing the rate of early school leaving, a more common phenomenon in vocational schools and one of the main objectives of the Strategy 'Europe 2020 '.
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