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Work Based Intergenerational Learning in SME - a Key Factor for Success
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are forced to promote loyalty amongst their high skilled workers in order to face the upcoming lack of well-educated employees. Hence, the attempt of this project is to foster a successful work-based knowledge transfer between the young (Although formally the young academics have a similar skill level (Level 6) as the experienced long-standing workers, their degrees are not equivalent due to a different stage of science. Hence, it is successful to form synergies between so called "new knowledge and skills" of junior professionals and the long term work experiences, knowledge, skills and mainly the competencies of the older employees. The goal is to improve the level of skills for employability and improve competences linked to the professional work. In sum, this strategy shall improve both the work performance of the respective SME as a key factor for success and the individual performance of the generations on the labour market. This process needs to be moderated by motivated and qualified facilitators in order to implement intergenerational learning successfully in our companies. Our project consortium consists of service providers for regional companies such as the BFI Tirol (AT), the Chamber of Commerce Terrassa (ES), the CCI training centre IHK-Projektgesellschaft (DE), the Consulting company "Kossa & Partner" (DE), the company INOVAFOR (PT) as well as FORTH (EL). All partners have long-term experience with consulting and vocational education and further education. The promotion of professional training and the support of companies when securing skilled workers is an important priority. Within the framework of our project we are especially devoted to these topics. The GRUNDTVIG project "Intergenerational Learning in Organisations (IGLOO)" provides us with innovative solutions in the field of adult education, which we are now shifting to the processes of vocational education and training in the work place. We will conduct a primary analysis in 40 regional SME in the partner countries. The results are put in relation (via benchmarking) to the solutions proposed by IGLOO. Our first intellectual outputs are recommendations, methods and tools for intergenerational learning in SME. Second, we develop a qualification profile for a " facilitator in intergenerational work based learning in SME". We assign an important role to the facilitator in SME in order to not leave the perspective of intergenerational knowledge and experience in business to chance. Third, in order to implement the required goals in the companies, we design a tailored short-cycle qualification for the facilitator. Forth, this curriculum combined with the toolbox are prepiloted in the partner countries. Consequently, several facilitators from companies acquired by the partners are trained. Fifth, this piloting is evaluated by FORTH. Subsequently, this curriculum is adopted to national requirements of the participating countries and used as a regular course offer in the participating training centres. WINGS4success will have a 3 year life span, in order to be able to pilote the curriculum during an entire training cycle, and to be then embedded in ordinary training activities. We focus in the project WINGS4success on the Business & Administration sector, since efficient communication, skills and competences when dealing with New Media as well as knowledge transfer play an important role in these branches. All material created in the project will be available free of charge in open education resources in order to promote the dissemination in the EU.
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