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Wool, a natural resource for sustainable development (LANATURAL)
Start date: Jul 31, 2003, End date: Dec 30, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Despite the growing importance of synthetic fibres, wool, thanks to its natural qualities, presents an important potential for development and growth. So that the Atlantic Area can profit from this opportunity, it is necessary to support the modernisation of its traditional zones of sheep-rearing, today under pressure from competition from cereal production. With this aim, the transverse rural development project LANATURAL is intended to connect the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors in order to constitute an economic network for wool in the Atlantic Area. Thanks to the mobilisation of sheep-farmers, enterprises, technical centres and professional organisations, pilot projects will make it possible to try out new economic activities linked to wool, but also to maintain those rural areas dedicated to sheep-rearing, which is a major positive feature of the management of the territory of the Atlantic Area. Achievements: • Training and awareness campaigns for sheep breeders and other professionals in the agricultural sector, organisation of technology days and aid in acquiring and improving shearing equipment; • Creation of resource and interpretation centres on wool in 3 of the 5 partner organisations; development of several research programmes for enhancing sheep wool in the fields of insulation and agriculture (development of a heat and sound insulator made from sheep's wool • a fireproof treatment and a structuring treatment for sheep wool have been developed, elaboration of granules for use in horticulture, viability study of sheep wool in the production of turfing and ornamental plants, etc.); • Creation of a European scarf, organisation of educational and training workshops, actions aimed at children and young people and at professionals, creation of a platform to develop wool products; • Design of and improvements to shearing equipment, development of a platform for sorting and enhancing raw wool, training on how to sort wool; • With the creation of resource centres, it has been possible to create new openings in the wool sector in the partner countries and to communicate on the subject of wool and the industry. • Awareness campaigns, organisation of trans-national interchanges, study trips for professionals, news bulletins.
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